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Madai Drift Fishing with Jimmy Lim

I very seldom blog these days because it is so much faster to get people to engage with me directly on my Facebook but the blog can still serve as information to old relevant knowledge, trip reports with more photos and insights that can only be gathered from writing. So I guess, Jimmy from Punggol Marina must be so grateful to me that I am writing about him again! Fishing with Jimmy and his baby Behold! The best boatman/skipper/charter captain/RADM of the Singapore fishing scene.... but the truth is that for this Changi Offshore, we had a very stressful trip as we couldn't catch anything before late afternoon. The trip to Johor Shoal and Changi Naval Base proved fruitless as the wind got in our way and fishing was tough. We only managed an ang go li and puffer fish! We started off with high spirits But halfway through... I guess if one can get a pufferfish on jig, that really means the sea is full of them! Even a cast at the usual breakers for pelagics prove

Native Watercraft Singapore Kayak Fishing Competition 2014

It's not everyday that you get to go Kayak Fishing in Singapore. Perhaps that's the reason why many are still ambivalent when it comes to going Kayak Fishing. To make things worse, it's also not everytime that you go out Kayak Fishing in Singapore and get a good fish! But things change when you suddenly get invited to a closed door Kayak Fishing Competition in Singapore aptly titled Native Fishing League 2014. The very thought of participating in a League would stroke most fishing egos or even mildly excite the tightly cased ones. But yeah... suddenly the thought of launching our Kayaks at Pasir Ris Beach Watercross at 7am didn't seem like an impossible task. Well.... at least for those 3 weeks of the league. Kayak fishing may seem glamorous but it really is a game of passion The fishing league was held on every Saturday for 3 weeks and a mish mash of rules and bonus catches were stipulated by the organizers. Apparently, this was a beta league and plans to includ

Famous Singapore Fishing Charter Captain Jimmy Lim loses a good fish on Micro Jig

To be honest with you, this video has very little educational stuff to learn from but we just love the look of Changi Offshore Fishing boatman and fishing guru Jimmy Lim when he loses his fish amidst all our bantering! Serves you right for using light tackle and micro jigs to get the fish! Whahaha... But what a hook up in dirty muddy water at Changi! Shows us there is still hope for fishing in Singapore waters!

Drifting Techniques for Singapore Offshore Fishing

Drifting during Singapore offshore fishing - Be it Changi Offshore or Southern Islands is a very basic but commonly used technique. Beginners often don't get it and make basic mistakes. Hope that by posting this video, everyone can have better understanding and catch more fish! Use this technique when using paternoster (Apollo) rigs, Madai jigs, Maprawn jigs and you will lesson your chances of snagging (sangoat)! Happy drifting! Boat used: Jimmy Lim from Punggol Marina (+65 8157 8990)