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Successful Eging Trip at Punggol Jetty

Hello baktaos! Haven't been updating for quite some time as i have been busy... Went squidding last night but the catch wasn't good. It was with luck that i managed to hit the last of the 20 squids that my mum wants for the steamboat. Here's the story... I was still missing a few squids to complete the 20 that i told my mum i would get and decided tonight would be a good night. Tide would be moderate flow and i hoped to catch the early morning upcoming drift. It was a very suay start for me. The first thing i forgot was my jacket when i reached the bus stop. I left it at home. Well... I had no choice but to go home to grab it as it will be suicide without a jacket with the monsoon winds blowing in the night at the spot. After grabbing my jacket, i miss my bus. And not only that... I missed my second bus and my train as well! I was wondering if it is a sign telling me i should not go eging tonight... But i went anyway! There were not alot of people fishing at th

Squid Eging Catch Report at Punggol Jetty

Still sore from a sucky Sunday trip, i planned to go eging tonight as i was damn itchy and i wanted to get more squids to add on from my previous trip for my CNY Reunion Dinner steamboat. This time, i was going to some secret spot that i believe have some squits. Momok decided to join me i and i met him at the spot. I was there for around 5 minutes before momok came and he started setting up. As he was setting up, I received an SMS from ^fishy^(the pro) saying he wants the Yamashit squit jigs im selling. Wow the moment I got the SMS, i hit a squid by the side... Kekeke! Thanks ^fishy^. I love you deep deep lah. Anyway, by this time momok damn poisoned liao faster setup and cast out. Kekeke... We casted around but nothing much then i saw this cute baktao floating by and cast out to it. It just grab the jig and won't let go. Kekeke... We tried awhile more and we hit some squids here and there but they are not in full force. Momok caught something interesting. We keep trying b

Southern Island Fishing with Ah Eng (launch from Jalan Buroh)

Well this boat trip came about because me and Weiyee wanted to try Ricky a.k.a Ah Eng again so we finally got a sunday booking with him with the help of one of our kaki. This trip i had many old friends on the trip. It was nice to see them again after such a long time. The place for boarding was at Buroh Lane near the Pig Slaugther house. The first joke of the day came when we told Sim that the place was near the slaughther house. When we reach we cannot find him and ask where he was. He said he was inside the slaughther house!!! Hahahaha! Anyway, we went to board the boat by the small boat and wow it was a damn big boat. There was only 7 of us and we had lots of room to fish. Boatman warn us if the wind keep up there will be a bad catch but no choice we are already here so just chiong ah... When we emerge from the river, wow the wind was really super strong here and we can see white caps. It was a bumpy ride man. Rest of the day was spent drifting but not a single fish as i b

Taufik's Eging Writeup

In a part 2 to my basic eging techniques , Taufik has written an eging writeup which has extra information and crucial writeups on understanding eging rods and uses. Here's the writeup which i copied and pasted. His full writeup can be found here . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I had earlier wanted to write a little something about eging techniques and the fundalmentals behind having such a long rod just to egi but after seeing such a detailed report on Nigel's blog, I've decided against it and in turn will be writing some additional informations and insights that were not touched on in his post. Equipment requirement I guess most of you guys would still be wondering why exactly are eging rods built so long and whippy. And one of the very 1st questions that would pop up in your head would be, "Do I really need such a long rod?". Basically, the answer can be either yes and no. No you don't reall

Yozuri, Yamashita and Exori Squid Jigs Comparison

Flipping on the bed with many thoughts in the head yesterday night... So what the heck... Grabbed my tackle and soon walking to the bus stop. Mission was stress relief eging at old haunt... What to do. Nobody bring me fishing. Reached the spot before 12am and what the heck. The water was very clear and bright due to full moon but it was helluva wind out there. Made a few casts but the wind made it difficult to control and the egi jig was being swept to shore. Gave up and sat down eating my potato chips. 30mins later i opened another pack of potato chips... Finally the time came when it was downgoing tide. Water started moving and i tried my best to get the first squid of my night. It is not easy to get squids here anymore. One must know where they are and get the right technique to hunt them down. In the past it was lo jiak! !@#$%%#@! Casted towards shore with the jetty stuctures being a main focus point. Technique used was stroking slowly. A hit was soon registered and i follow

Eging Techniques

Hi Baktao-rians I have decided to write an egnig technique used by me so that people who want to take up eging can have a good start. I'm not any Japanese pro angler who uses eging rod and i don't really take note of the egi descent or rate of descent but i do all these just roughly and so far they are working for me... Let me explain how to get a squid first. To get a squid, one must let the squid chase the jig and finally grab hold of it with its tentacles. The second part is to set the hook into the squid. Sometimes, the squid auto strikes itself when it moves backwards but it is always best to set the squid. With these two parts fufilled, you will get your squid. So how to we con the squid into taking the jig? Many factors like colour and action play a part but i will only elaborate about action. In Singapore, there are 4 methods you can try in getting the squid. They are... Slow Crank This slow crank is what i believe tha Japanese call "zuru-biki". It is

Deep Sea Offshore Information by NITEANGLER

Hi baktao-rians I found this somewhere in the net and i think it is a good read so i have copied it here for you guys to read. Of course, credits to Yew Seng a.k.a Niteangler for writing this out. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following info should help anglers understand more about offshore fishing in local waters & adapt to it to appreciate what local waters can offer. Some anglers probably wonder why the same few anglers catch good fishes regularly. It’s a well known fact that 10% of the anglers catch 90% of the fishes. By knowing more about the fishing terrain/characteristics, any angler who invests in proper tackle set/appropriate time/efforts can achieve better consistency/success rate in the very tough local offshore fishing arena. Feel free to add on any other information which I'd left out. Geographical location Singapore lies within a strong current channel with main current stream from South China Sea flowing to