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Maldives is a light and micro jigging fishing heaven

“It’s not about whether the fish were bigger or how easy it was to get the fish on jig but rather, it was that two hours of catching various, unique reef fishes with just about any jig in your tackle box. Yes some jigs were better than others and I’ve caught bigger fish on light jigs but never before was I so enthralled with jigging before. It was kind of like catching Pokemon except that it wasn’t a virtual game. It was real – the strokes, the sights and the sound. Simply beautiful.” – Nigel, when recollecting his light fishing adventures in the Maldives (2016)   Beautiful video done by Shawn shows most of the light jigging action we had. Skip to 4.44 if you want to avoid Nigel losing the big fish (grrr...) Well, so this is it. I know I mentioned that light tackle fishing in the Maldives wouldn't work but the weather was turning bad and the the fact is I still love some light jigging fun. Singaporeans are still quite good at it so off we went for some small fishes. The l

5 Key Tips of taking a transport service to Malaysia for fishing

Anglers from Singapore are increasingly heading to fishing grounds out of Singapore as Singapore fish stocks decline. Anglers now head to places such as Pekan, Rompin, Sedili, Tioman, Sibu, Penang, Desaru, Pontian and even KL! This has been happening for years now and as anglers go further and further away for their fishing, here are some key considerations that they can look out for. These come from my personal experience and you don’t have to agree with me but here goes. Note that the transport services are also applicable to other hobbies like Diving, Durian Picking and so on. Vehicle Type – Car or Mini-bus The two most common forms of transport would take shape in the form of a Car or a Mini-bus. Most anglers typically form a group of 4 to 6 pax (for a fishing charter). While the Mini-bus should generally be cheaper (due to Diesel fuel), the difference is that you have to get down at the causeway (be it Woodlands or Tuas) and lug your items across to the immigration count

Here’s why we should give the Singaporean authorities a break when it comes to illegal fishing in reservoirs

Did you know that the "LSR MRT Tracks" were illegal last time? I’ve been reading rather strange opinions on fishing in Singapore lately. One of them was an article on The Independent which read, “PUB’s ‘No Fishing’ environmental policy is a short-sighted one”. Initially, I thought of just ignoring the whole issue which has been there since ages ago but no, I guess I have to share my take on the whole Singapore illegal fishing thing. I’ll keep my piece to our Singapore reservoirs and also these views are not necessarily replies to TI article and other strange opinions – they’re just what I think (after fishing in Singapore since I was 5). The number one reason of why we should be chill about illegal fishing grounds is that illegal fishing grounds simply give fish a chance to recover. Lack of fishing pressure (even from anglers who catch and release) and fish stock pressure (for anglers that bring their catch back) contribute greatly to this since Singapore does not ye

Well played, GTs of Maldives

Ice cream - the local lingo for being outgunned/no fish In my overview of my mini Maldives adventure, I shared about being well beaten by the Giant Trevallies (GT) of Maldives and well, all my shame is being showcased here. Although I fish a lot, I’ve never truly went on a “Big game” fishing trip except for a one time New Zealand Kingfish jigging trip so this was a serious eye (sore) opener for me. Comfortable Dhoni. Easily can fish 6 pax. We started the first day fishing with a pleasantly angler friendly schedule. We would fish sunrise, break for lunch (return to island to have our meals) and then go for sunset fishing. This actually was about 8 hours of fishing considering sunrise fishing was 6am to 10am and sunset fishing was 4pm to 8pm! I won’t write much about the actual fishing (you can view the videos to get a sense of that) but some technical observations below:   We were seriously under-gunned One of the headaches of not being on an actual “Big game” fi