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National Day Tuas Singapore Offshore/Boat Fishing with Abang Wreckhunter

Every year we'll always try to organise and plan a fishing trip during National Day. When the whole of Singapore is busy with the fireworks and watching TV, the bunch of us would be out there in the sea doing some fishing and sometimes even watching the aircraft take off from Sudong and Pawai. Fishing in Singapore is that tough... we'll have to find public holidays to actually have some time for fishing! It was no different this year with a quickie fishing trip arranged with Abang. We set off from RSYC for a madai/tai kabura and inchiku fishing trip with Dave also using some metal jigs. We were to fish the southern islands with only artificial baits and we did not even get any live prawns. The wind was kind to us early in the morning and we managed to do some drift fishing or rather drift jigging where ah bao hit an unstoppable monster fish by madai bouncing on the sea bed. The fish stripped his stella 6k in a few seconds and he was shouting turn the boat! Turn the boat

Singapore Southern Island Fishing Tips: Southern Treasures of Singapore

The Southern Islands of Singapore has been a happy fishing and popular spot for anglers in Singapore for many years. The fish season is all year round with certain fishes being more prolific during certain months. Boat charters and anglers usually head to Pulau Bukom, Sentosa, St John Island, Tuas, Sister Islands to do their fishing. Beautiful picture of a sunset over our southern islands Anglers have been using this place for a quick night out especially during the monsoon season when trips to regional waters are ceased. Anglers also have brought their newly customized fishing rods and newly bought reels to test out against the monster fishes of the deep! A vast, exciting variety of fishes such as the Golden Snapper (Ang Cho), Sweetlips (Kaci), Stingrays, Threadfin Salmons (Ngo Heur), Cobia, Jewfish (Mien Heur) and Giant Grouper (Gao Tun) are regularly caught. Although the waters are productive and fishing charters are aplenty, some local knowledge will help you to snag that prized

Last Minute Pekan Sailfish Trip - August 11

The original plan was to head to Desaru TU Lighthouse for some hot Queenfish jigging action with my group of newbie jigging friends being the main victims of some poison. In fact, I brought them to beach road to stock up on some light jigging tackle like the Eupro Salty Fighter, Daiwa Revros, Surecatch Flash Jigs, Asari Pinktails and so on... They were new to light jigging and were looking forward to the trip. The weather wasn't looking so good however and the dreaded call came late at night that the trip had to be cancelled due to strong winds... Oh no... But then a wacky idea came and just one phone call meant we were on the way to Pekan Pahang to go fish up some sailfishes! All of us were grossly underprepared for Sailfish but we quickly mustered what we could and began the long drive up to Pahang which is near Kuantan. It's my favourite location for Sailfish because it's so laid back and out of the way which makes it more attractive than the Kuala Rompin Sailfish. Al

Singapore Changi Offshore with Family 12 August 2012

Another Sunday was spent out on the waters hunting for the big fishes off Changi and Tekong with the family... Well, this is going to be the last trip for many months as I have not seen any suitable tides during the weekend in the months that lie ahead. On this trip, the bulk of the fishing kakis were my dad's friends who couldnt make it the last trip as there were too many people. Conditions were perfect for fishing although the live prawns we got from Changi pro tackle were too big! It's good to note that the Changi village hawker centre is undergoing renovation now... We boarded the boat at changi point jetty (yes the jetty with all the bumboats going to pulau ubin) During the this trip, I managed to poison ah long into doing some madai/tai kabura fishing and it paid off for him when he landed a decent 3lb grouper on tai kabura! I could see it in his eyes the mutual feeling of attaining enlightment and the next question that followed was "where can i buy this?" H

Popping Practice

I'll be heading to the Maldives early next year to tackle some of my dream fishes - GT, Dogtooth Tuna, Red Bass, Yellow Fin Tuna, Amberjacks etc.... and it's tackle and technique preparation time! Had a good workout with the guys today as they educated me on the popping tips and techniques.  We had our popping session at Upper Seletar Reservoir fishing grounds. An extremely popular area for big game fishermen to practice their popping! We had a good high end range of tackle and I tested Stella/Saltiga/Twinpower reel combinations with the Ripple Fishers, Temple Reefs, Carpenter rods. Even the new cheap ATC Blitz was there. I'll be slowly deciding on a popping setup to get... Poppers like the El Toro, Yozuri Bull, Craftbaits etc were all introduced to me. Hopefully it'll be up by October so I have some actual field testing on the Pekan and Rompin Sailfishes... Really really can't wait to go popping for GT! Here's some shots for remembrance sake!

Changi Offshore Fishing with Ah Long 29 July 2012

Personally, I have given up my hopes on Changi Offshore Fishing in Singapore as while there are still good fishes to be caught, the sizes are pretty much table sized. I will still have a few trips of year during the fishing season though. This is one of them. The reason why I still have some trips a year during weekends is family. My dad still loves to go wet a line or two and my this was my brother's second trip out to sea. I'm a pretty sentimental person when it comes to family fishing. My uncles from both sides of the family will join in as well together with family friends and so on. Fishing keeps people together and promotes good father son bonding. An all round photo of the fishing dudes! Anyway, I usually get my live prawns (bait) from Changi Village at Changi Pro Tackle from Gina early in the morning. I think I noticed that Riverland Tackle seems to have gotten bigger? The Changi Village Food Center (Hawker Center/Market) was closed for renovation so I had purpos