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Pork ribs and lamb shanks, the new stars in the evolution from coffeeshop western food to coffeeshop western cuisine!

Let me start this post on western food in Singapore by giving a brief scene of how old school coffeeshop western food used to look like to true blue old school Singaporeans. I remember old school western food by the mini portions of "Anchor" butter which came with a small bun, old school no brand thick french fries, baked beans and the main piece of meat which was chicken chop or chicken cutlet with brown sauce as a default. The other mains that one would choose would be fish and chips, pork chops and the ever popular mixed grill which always came with sunny side up eggs, sausages and mixed grills. Burgers would be limited to chicken or fish patties with only a slice of cheese. Some stalls would also throw in fried or BBQ chicken wings for those who wanted rice or extras to go with their mains. All this for the price of $4.50 for chicken chops and $8 for mixed grills. Does this description bring back memories of how coffeeshop western food was to you? If it does sound no