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Big Patin at Farmway

I went to Pasir Ris Farmway 3 Catch and Release Freshwater Pond to kill some itch last week. It's just beside Ed's pond. I was surprised with the change there. There is another pump and it is making the water current more complex. The pond is like a great washing machine now. It also kind of changed where the fish were hiding! I was only armed with Chicken Liver but another guy with dead baitfish seemed to be hitting a good amount of kims near the prawning pond side. I hooked up a red tail cat on fly and fought it for around 20 minutes but it gave me no chance... dashed into the wooden stakes near the side and cut me off... I tried everything... The day was saved by a huge Patin which came to visit my floater rig... It's my biggest Patin there... Cheers! Happy weekends ahead!

Kong Kong River Mangrove Luring Catch Report Part 2

Continued from As we sat around and gave ourselves empty looks, we wondered about the next spot. Our air of sanguinity was gone. We were brought up into the hunt again with what we saw next. An air of shock passed over us when we went literally into the spot. It was a place that one would appreciate instantly. Thoughts of Giant Grouper and Threadfin Salmon crossed my mind. Concrete pillars all around us and the waves crashing against them. The sun was washed out of the pictures and we were grateful for once! Alan was still being pessimistic though…  As was I! Or was I? Come on baby! Tough luck… the fish weren’t happy it seems! Alan gave up after awhile as Weiyee and me found cheap thrill in using mashed fish meat as bait for the Gelamas (Croakers). We amassed a number of them. Alan using his Golden Pillow It was already mid day and we had only a box of dead baitfish to show for… Oh and some croakers too… The Captain

Kong Kong River Mangrove Luring Catch Report Part 1

After the post fatigue and recovery, it’s finally time to come up with my experience from a quick luring trip! Casting along those submerged mangroves while everyone stays quiet and focused, I worked my lure cautiously. It was where mind merged with body, soul and rod. I could visualize every movement of the lure. When I pulled, it rattled… when I paused, it fluttered to a stop. I did this while I used my amateur casting skills to present my lure as closed to the cover as possible. I wondered when sweet ruby would come and whether I could be strong enough to win the tug of war… The elusive Mangrove Jack was my aim of this trip. All did, I did… though not entirely what I did was expected. 0430 Sunday Morning Nigel’s House A sleepy Alan and I awoke from our little shut eye as Weiyee was already downstairs. We crossed the customs in awhile and stopped over for some supper. We had some big pau and dim sum. We wolfed down the food knowing that we would need the energy for our mini lu