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Introduction to Eging with some friends

One night, I brought some newbie friends along who never fish at all to try for some squid. We went to a very old spot which I never been there for a long time. I don't know how is the situation there at all but looks like the squids are not coming in. Anyway, Punggol 17 and the right side of Punggol End will be closed already... No more cars can go in and there is a bangla that will stop you. Sigh... Another spot gone. They are closing down that whole area for development. The Eging was pretty boring for me the whole night... Total I only got 1 strong pull but it dropped on the way in... The two newbies had some beginners luck and had some baktao that we BBQ... kekeke... How we BBQ... You can see the pics... Kekeke.. Enjoy the photos.

Rubber Mania @ Pasir Ris Farmway 3 Catch N Release

Recently, i got to know this Poly schoolmate of mine whom i just found out also fishes... So late night after i book out and saw my MSN, we made a trip to FW3 the next morning. Tackle Used: Shimano Bassterra Cross X Design 10 - 20lbs 6'6 / Daiwa Caldia Kix 2000 / 8lbs Powerpro Red It is a few stressfull weeks for me as i got problems in both NS, health problems and You Know Who... So i thought some fishes would do the trick. There was a problem though... We couldn't get the "Secret" Bait. Hahaha... So we got some Kembongs and chcken liver. The morning was super sucky but that lucky friend of mine managed to hookup a medium sized Chao Praya Cat. Unfortunately, much is left to be desired of the photo. Hahaha... Now was another problem... The fishes weren't biting at all. They were simply not around... Until lunch time when i got bored and clipped on a cheapo rubber lure with a long shank debarbed hook attached to a spit ring. Within minutes of trying i got m

Preventing Sea Sickness

Here is some seasickness information and what you can do about it. Seasickness can spoil the fun out of an offshore trip so always be prepared! Old Wive's Cures 1)Drink some saltwater 2)Get into the water 3)Vomit 4)Drink Hot Tea 5)Drink a carbonated soft drink 6)Burping and farting 7)Wearing ear plugs 8)Tie a rubber band on your wrist 9Medicated Ointment 10)Eating Dried Foods like Sour Plum Modern Cures 1)Ginger Capsules and Crystallized Giner 2)Seasick Pills(e.g. Novomin , Antimo ) 3) Motion Sickness Wristbands 4)Kimite Patch 5)Have a Banana!(Scientifically proven 6)Keeping one finger over one ear (blocking one ear). This stops the balancing liquid near your ears from moving around, therefore stopping the brain from detecting any motion sickness Good Practices 1)Have Plenty of Water before the trip and on the trip 2)Rest Well the night before 3)Avoid Spicy/Curry/Oily food 4)Look far towards the horizon and do not concentrate too long on a single object near you. 5)Sleep with your

Google Map For Singapore Fishing Points

I found out about this google map feature some time back and i've just recalled it so its time to share... It's a search for anything under the sun. You can check out various fishing suppliers, prawn ponds and tackle shops. These maps feature some suppliers including Gamakatsu. Here's the addie for Gama... Gamakatsu Pte. Ltd. 3 Philip Street#15-02 Commerce Point, Singapore, 048693, Singapore 6557 2338‎ Anyway, here is the google url IF the link is broken, just search for fishing singapore under Google Maps

Basic Introduction to Prawning: Simple Tips & Tricks

Foreword and Disclaimer My first encounter with prawning dated back to 2002. Back then, I hooked up my first prawn near the prawning ponds beside the Downtown East chalets at Pasir Ris. Back then, it was something like beginner's luck but after prawning for awhile, you'll realise that you will need skill as well as luck to have a good prawning catch. Through hard work and observation, I improved my prawning strategies and tactics and after some sessions of almost 70-80% hookup rate, I somewhat graduated from newbie stage to amateur stage. I would like to share with you guys some very basic prawning tips and trip. But a fair warning though. Prawning is addictive and it can only get worst once you get more prawns. When you are a newbie, you want to hook your first want to get your first 10pcs... when you graduate you want to hit 30 in an is 50 in an hour... This post has since been updated and refreshed as of 25 March 2017. Prawning Equipmen

Stingray On Crab Net

Behold the almost impossible whilst i was doing some fun crabbing today. I brought my brother to a spot that i think will hold some nice mud crabs but its just an experiment so no high hopes. First hour, managed to get hold of some small mud crabs. This was a good sign because if there are small ones, there will be big ones too. During the next hour, i retrieved the nets and one of my nets had something biggggg... I was so excited when i could feel the bugger struggling... This was a big mama... When it was halfway up, i saw a brownish tinge and the surface area of the "Crab" looked big alright. Hoisted it up and called my brother over for help...