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'Fat Monkeys' western food at 965 Upper Serangoon Road (Punggol Nasi Lemak)

I have pretty high standards of having cow (beef) on my plate so I was sceptical when I read the description of Fat Monkey's 'Dabomb'. The description on the menu said succulent beef with caramelised onions, cheddar cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce. The picture of the dish made me think I was eating a giant beef puff. For someone that eats beef at rare or medium rare with salt, this didn't look good to me. So I waited. And then it came out. The exterior looked normal enough. As I cut into the puff, the oozing cheese was also pretty normal (I mean, oozing cheese things are so common these days) and this was no different. As I dug in, the simple and proven combination of onions, cheese, bbq sauce and beef worked. The beef patties were very juicy and not overcooked. They were not overly seasoned or done so that was good and I had the feeling that they were handmade. The dish came with fries and salad too albeit the side dishes being too normal. At $13.90, this wasn&