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Mini Ebek (Chermin) fun at Changi Offshore Fishing with Ah Long!

I have not fished with Ah Long for months already due to this erratic schedule. It was tough to book his boat as he occasionally engages in shipping work sometimes. But somehow, the card of fate was played again as I signed up for an Ah Long trip with Ah Biao! The last time I met Ah Long, was when he towed Boatman Shawn's boat as he had a stalled engine. It seems just fate-ish that a few weeks later, I was to meet Long again.  Baktao with Ah Long Word was around that the Chermins were back at their usuall hunting ground after a few years of recovery. Changi Naval Base fishing area used to be a heaven for Chermins until they dredged the entire area, presumably for the Naval ships to pass by. This uprooted many of the soft corals - I call them penis corals because they are so soft and looks like a penis! These are corals that Chermins and Big Snappers love to hang around! The Chermins were not in their abundant schools and we had to drift in order to make the most of the tim

Singapore Changi Offshore/Boat fishing General Guide 2014!

Introduction This is the very same Changi Offshore/Boat fishing guide that I did last time but it is now revamped with more details and presentation. They are based on my personal experiences with Changi Offshore Fishing since 2008. Please feel free to ask me any questions or details that you need but don't take the guide as foolproof or as a surety! Schedule Most Changi day trips would probably follow this schedule although you might want to arrange otherwise with the boatman! Time (hrs)   Activity 0800 Departure from jetty or Marina (e.g Changi Point Ferry Terminal) 0800 - 0830 Buying of live prawns from Pulau Ubin fish farm (skip this if you already have prawns) 0830 – 1700 Fishing 1730 – 1800 Back at jetty or Marina (e.g Changi Point Ferry Terminal) Cost and Accomodation Depending on the boat you have chartered, there will be limits to how much kakis you can have onboard. Usually, bumboats

Soon Hock and Peacock Bass at Pandan Reservoir

After a long layoff from night luring, the fish pack were poking at the idea of a night luring adventure at Pandan Reservoir (legal area of course). When the reservoir was first opened for fishing (in the past), the catches were of the very highest standards. Many species and records were broken there. I personally landed some of my biggest Belidas, Oxeye Tarpon and Peacock Bass there. Sadly, after the legal areas were opened, inconsiderate anglers filled the area and did not practise sustainable fishing which led to the demise of many fishes there. Ok screw all that! The feeling of the cold wind, silent waters still tempted us and we met up at the carpark at the wee hours of the morning. We proceeded to fish around the legal area and the rocks near it. We had not done this in many months but all of us still looked "initiated" in the sense that we went about our business professionally. I wasn't prepared to lose any lures this time and restricted myself to the humble W

Another Giggling Trip on IT'S Gr-R-Reat with Jimmy Lim

Ladies have their ladies night out where they go wild and crazy in the clubs but hey did you know that guys have their day outs too? In the typical guys day out for fishing, we just cast our baits, take out a book to read and just pass our time. But with Jimmy Lim, we do all of that except we mix it with a new way of attracting the fish - "giggling". What was somehow started by me was soon caught on by the others and as we fished, we were giggling our way along... especially if one of us hit a snag! Having got used to Jimmy's style, we were better prepared this time having raided Sabre Tackle for Halco Sorcerors and RMG Scorpions. They were to be used during slow shallow trolling which was probably the highlight and forte of Jimmy's. It may seem easy to do, but when you see the way he gets out of sticky situations during trolling (lure stuck reverse to get it out, boat going to hit the shore etc), you know that he has done this for years (must rub Jimmy abit so tha

Sure Heng (Ah Heng) Gao Tun Madai / Maprawn Trip from RSYC 29 September 2013

Catch report courtesy of Kiato (famous Kayak angler). _____________________________________________________________________________ Baktao Whatsapp me : " Are you interested in 29th Sept, Sure Heng, possible booking slot to take over?" Me : "OK!" I have been on Sure Heng twice, and on the first trip, i got bullied by a biggie, as we were not able to move the boat to my favour, due to the passing tankers/ship. Second trip, i had my reel de-spooled in a couple of seconds (about 140m), it was  a freight train, and all i could do was hold on, jaw dropped. When taking over a booking within 1.5 weeks, and scrambling to find enough kakis, there is a certain mixture of excitement. Alas, not until the last 2 days, we were able to fill the last 1-2 slots, kudos to the kakis for looking/asking around. Group chat formed on Whatsapp, questions and answers, sometimes being asked the same questions, strengthens the believe and knowledge one has, patience/ fish com