Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Trolling, Madai (Tai Kabura), Inchiku and a little baiting with Jimmy's On IT'S Gr-R-Reat!

One day, on Facebook, somehow, someway I managed to land myself on a fishing page "Fishing on IT'S Gr-R-Reat". I thought to myself... this guy Jimmy sounds very familiar. As I scrolled through the catches, I suddenly remembered... Oh yes this is the boatman that does trolling and it's the very same boat that Alan Chan asked me on a few years back. I couldn't make it for the trip then and he landed a Barracuda on lure as big as himself!

Somehow, someway, suddenly... I striked up a casual conversation with Jimmy on Facebook and suddenly, suddenhow, excitingly... I placed a deposit with him and the very first trip with Jimmy was planned! The kakis were also a mixed bag of excitement - Kiat whom recently just got poisoned on artificials during offshore and Ah Biao - whom hasn't fished for almost 2 years!

Great comfy boat good for 4

Both biao and boatman looking pro

We were told to prepare some shallow divers like Halco sorceror and we did.... except that we brought a few madais, inchikus and micro jigs as well hehehe....

Micro jig - crippled herring!
The wind was quite strong in the afternoon but we managed to up some groupers and snappers on madai jigs...
Kiat landed one on his favourite red madai

Yet another one!

first tiem using madai biao

Cute selar papan on micro

ang kuey on inchiku!
It wasn't such a good day for me but it was a great day for Kiat (who landed all fishes on artificials) and ah biao (whom scored double whammy on his madai!). I also found out the fish scent spray works wonders on madai jigs! Ah Biao tried that and look what he got!

double grouper on madai!
Trolling was extremely fun though and me ah biao lost a few good fish.... I lost a crazy take - the fish hit with such force that my rod almost fell off my hands. After striking and pumping it out from the snags, I finally thought this fish was up for sure as the hook up was firm and the fish was in safer waters away from the snags... BUT...the Halco Sorceror lure gave way... and I was only returned the lure bib... what a pity! Suspected a monster Mangrove Jack? Also got bullied on the last troll when a Barracuda bust me off during the take.... oh man, it has been awhile since I've been "bullied" by the fishes! The feeling of helplessness makes me want to go back for more punishment!

tiger grouper on halco sorceror.
Kiat was our star performer!~
Total 3 landed for kiat on troll!
Jimmy is a good caring rockstar captain - gave us plenty of advices and always ready to help when you have a problem. From the way he talks, you could see this was a CNR guy and his pictures on his Facebook are not censored which shows how open he is with his fishing. Great mindset this! Looking forward to the next trip!

Our catch for the day - we released one ack as well. 3 fishes each for 3 pax... all going to be put to good use!
What the monster did to the halco
Fishing is drinking?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rapala Angry Birds Lure

Hahahaha to all Rapala fans out there, take a look at this! Angry birds rapala lures! They have the rattling rapala, skitter pop, dives to and even the fat raps!

I like it how Rapala is transforming itself from a boring traditional lure maker to their current series of advanced light jigging tackle including jigging rods like the mojo, gomoku erito light etc. Their metal jigs are also well designed and proven to hit fish.... I have friends that swear by the Gomoku light and me myself has some success with the Super Skarp and Storm Thunder jigs!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Changi Offshore Fishing with Ah Chong

Yet another trip with chongster and the gang to ang cho land - Changi. Fishing the Changi, Tekong, Ubin seas has always been boring - it's always either golden snapper or grouper. This trip was a perfect example of that except the catch really sucked. There was a super torrential downpour in the morning from 5am which lasted till 9 or 10am and even though I almost wanted to tell ah chong no go, he had this really confident streak in his voice and eventually we decided to go and get some fish!

We stopped by Changi village hawker centre to tapao mizzy's corner nasi lemak, had a feed of ipoh hor fun and Changi village carrot cake before we proceeded to Changi point ferry terminal to board the boat! After that it was to the prawn farms to get our prawns from kelong aunty - it has been almost 10 years since i met kelong aunty and she has aged alot... nice to see she always remembers me!

Favourite Ipoh Hor Fun from Changi Village

Changi Village Black Carrot cake!
It was a not so notable first trip for my new setups - daiwa branzino 3000 and golden mean slow dancer pe 1 / shimano trinidad 12a and CTS madai rod. No fishes landed on madai, no nothing....

new additions to the family
But get the fish we did as Ah Chong's first few spots yielded some misses and some fishes up! Some spots were as deep as 2metres only and yielded good sized snappers! As the sun cleared up, the group cheered and strutted about their fishing business in a confident way. Jigs were taken out, prawns rebaited instantly and lunches were postponed... well... the thing was, nobody told us there were no fish biting after 1pm!!!

branzino first fish is a groupy

good size snappers were landed

fishing addict face

to be fried with veg

yes he got one too!

And so did mr chong

and the baktao himself...

But... really from 1pm - 5pm all we had were broken hearts....

Still had an excellent feed with my family though...

hong kong steam

teochew steam

Till the next Changi trip...

Desaru Fishing Spanish Macks - Tommy Scores!

The baktao and crew were back to Desaru for another tryout after the semi successful jigging trip at Desaru previously but things didn't look so good during this trip! There seemed to be some sort of monsoon at Desaru and we got smacked around in the stormy weather.

We had breakfast at JB area with standard malaysian wanton mee and dim sum.

The storm followed us!

standard selection

Kiat didnt seem fazed by the weather!

standard wanton mee from malayisa

Loading up at the Desaru fruit market convenience stall where we got our drinks and ice...

ice and drinks

riding into the storm

badol's boat and
We didn't manage to move out to our favourite mack and teng spots but Tommy still managed to land two decent tengerris! Could you guess the lure used? Nope, not pink tail, not pin tail and not even the new D lures... but... The LB110.... which stands for live bait 110mm!

During stormy conditions, live baits still work better and that's what Tommy did! Great reward with a 16lbs specimen boated..

he scored!
We cut the trip short and went for some roast pork, char siew, double boiled soup at one of the restaurants in JB... best of all, we had them to fry the Batang eggs from the fish we caught! Yup! Full of eggs! Slurp!

look at those cholesterol...

double boiled soup!

yup... duck, charsiew

sour plum ice!

Tengeri fried eggs

I love this! Simple mee to go with the meats


This is how they make their soup!

Perhaps it is time to rethink Desaru fishing.... the Queenfish seem to be gone especially from TU lighthouse...