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Any Idea What Fish This May Be?

My bet is a Golden T or Mack...

Sibu Kelong Fishing Christmas 2008

No turkey! No Xmas Tree! No presents! But I'm fine with that. As it turned out, less than 40 people were @ Sibu Kelong over the Christmas period. Gooood for us!

The NEW Yozuri Egi Series

For all squid hunters... Here's some juicy pics and information for those of you out there... Ive some pics and info on some nice squid jigs from Ebay. Go drool yourself.... Hehe... Introducing... The Yozuri Flash Dancer Flashing Polyhedral Body© - a patented unique surface design that reflects light strongly, ideal for muddy/dark water and dawn time fishing! - a great addition to your tackle box! *wrapped in special shiny scale-like cloth for enhanced visibility and the real fish-feel and texture *broad-base snagless sinker for extra smooth and balanced movement *Sharp, flexible & strong Trick Hooks© that hold squid tightly, but free easily if snagged on seaweed! Size Length (mm - in) Weight (gram - oz) #3.25 100 - 4" 16 - 5/8 The Yozuri - Duel Pheromone *Chameleon Paint© -a patented painting technology which changes colour at different viewing angles, triggering squids to attack the jigs again and again! *fine surface groove patterns generate "mi

Fish on Squid Jig at Changi Board Walk E

Hmmm... the night before I actually DREAMT of doing this... Yes Necro and Roger... -.-"" But little did I know it came true loh! =.= Introducing my first fish on Squid Jig! And I thought it was a giant squid loh -.-"" Missed another suspected Kuku later also... -.-" Location: Changi Boardwalk Eging

Uncle Soh Fishing Boat

Kekeke... This is another nice trip from Uncle Soh. He's a nice boatman that will make us maggi mee and kopi in the middle of the night. Anyway... caught her first Orh Kaci here and she make that trademark quote again... Wah... No fight one lay... But after she landed the fish she complaining everywhere pain. Anyway our new Kaki Sim managed to hook up a Gao Tun... At first the take was strong but it didnt move so we thought maybe it was a small one stuck in the hole but suddenly the fish run from the back of the boat to the front so we faster reel up our line and went over to help Sim. The fish run left and right before heading out to the shipwreck. Quickly... We ask Sim to thumb his reel and pump the fish so it cant run... Luckily the fish head turn and it is on its way up. The fish is damn heavy lor... Can see Sim struggling to pump the fish. After around 10minutes... Still very far away. We are fishing at 55m water and i estimate Sim has still 40m to go... Hai... Who knows

First Uncle Soh FishingBoat Trip

After hearing so much about Uncle Soh, i finally can't bear the itch anymore so asked this Uncle Soh out for a trip to Johore Shoals. Wow... His boat is damn fast de loh. Reach spot damn fast and up one Stingray... After that was night time and there are plenty of squit but no fish. Landed only one Ang Cho... Then whole night was what we feared... Water was very cold even the sinker we bring up is damn hot de loh. Whole night only ah seng, eel and shark. Then morning i am damn heng im the only one to hook fish up... Hooked up 3 one kg ang chos with live squid and after that we call it a day... Sigh... Forgot to take total catch pic... Total Catch 1 Stingray 4 Ang Cho Countless ah seng, eel... Will be back for another Uncle Soh trip.

8 Dec Changi Offshore Fishing Trip...Happy Birthday Momok!

Date: 8 Dec 2008 Boat: Changi Ah Long This is the last Changi trip for the year and it's also a Happy Birthday trip for momok. Weather was okay in the morning but later on it rained cat and dogs the whole day.... Sigh... Anyway we still enjoy ourselves... With landing the most prized catch... An Ang Kuey.

29 - 30 November 2008 Sibu Kelong Trip With Relatives

I organised a trip to Sibu for my relatives and my mum because my mum wanted to try Sibu very much since last year so now i decided to organise a short 2D1N trip for her. Trip was very troublesome for me as i have to arrange fishing tackle for many of my newbies uncle. I lost many terminal tackle and squit jigs but hey it was a fun trip after all... On this trip, landed the usual leng chiam and swa chiam... Managed to hook quite a big sucker fish which i thought was a huge cobia from on top... Its around 4 - 5kg. Managed to get around 200 odd pcs of Seklar and kunning... And the huge arrowhead... Anyway, the Seklar and kunning are in frenzy mode during this trip... Full house full house! I'm glad my mum and brother enjoy themself during this trip... They caught their first fishes. Kekekeke... This is my brother fishing... Kekeke...<

Lorry Gang's Pulau Hantu Island Fishing Trip

The below logo...Done by birdmansim. The sim you guys know as Miss Wong Killer. Wow ive known him for almost 3-4 years. I remember this trip being our 1 year anniversary fishing together as a team. It was really a nice trip. Below are the items we brought. I think it will come in handy if anyone wants to plan an island trip. Btw this item list is copied from Vin Tan's post... Things to bring for individual; 1. Rods and reel 2. Rod Stand 3. I/C (must) 4. Our own food for 2 day 1 nite stay 5. Torch-Light 6. Toilet paper 7. Insect Repellent 8. Extra Clothes 9. Net (for casting) For Nick only. Things to bring for all;(I need some volunteer) 1. Ice Box X 4box 2. Mineral Water 1L X 16bot min 3. First Aid Box 4. Crab net/ BuBu 5. Dispositable BBQ pit with Charcoal 6. Black rubbish bag 7. Ices (to fill up the 4 ice box) 8. Bait (for fishing and crabbing) Below is the CR written by Shawn Seet... Time: 07:00hrs Day 1 -> 12:00hrs Day 2 For me, the day started the night before

Fishing Lorry Gang Old Photo

Hard to find any more photos of the days i spent fishing with my lorry gang friends. Really missed the memories. Now all have own commitment... Some stop fishing... How to fish together? Sigh... Perhaps when we're all done with our commitments, we will come out to fish together one day. I hope... The memories were really precious... Countless missions we went on. Some hardcore some softcore. Even remembered my 1hr trek through tuas "desert" carrying a tumbler of hot kopi... That was a classic man. Ill just post the photos randomly... can't remember much. Super Hardcore fishing in the rain... We were soaked to the skin! This was with ah koh if i remember... Thats WEIYEE on the left. Hahaha...  Maybe my first Ah Chong trip?  Ah Chai Trip...  Our Taiwan guest This is Vin Tan. He is the CO of our team.