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Haibin Bishan Prawning Updates

Hi all prawning kakis and friends, Do note that the price for prawning at Haibin Bishan is now at $33 for 3 hrs, $18 for 1 hr. This is an increase in the price. You are still allowed to stop prawning and keep your timing. Visit the Bishan Haibin prawning website for more information. For BBQ-ing your prawn catches, it is still free. Satay sticks, salt, charcoal and BBQ pits are still provided. Haibin has other prawning ponds and locations at other places... Do check out with them whether the prawning charges and rates at Punggol, Geylang badminton hall, Jurong bird park have changed as well... but $3 only...shouln't better an eyelid i guess...

Desaru 22 November Before Season End...

This trip was organised very last minute and we almost couldn't go due to the monsoon finally kicking in. All kakis were on standby and luckily, our fishing captain called to tell us "GO!". We drove up to Malaysia Desaru via the Senai road and ulu tiram and went via the new expressway. Reached Desaru in an hour.... Had Roti Prata at the makan place and got the water, ice, makan... When we finally boarded the boat and we looked at the water.... Wow... it was gonna be a choppy day... It was a bumpy ride all the way to the lighthouse but once we got there, it's time for some light jigging action again... Using our knees and butts to balance ourselves on the rocking boat, we got quite a couple of multiple hook ups... The Queenfish weren't picky today and you just need to work the jig moderately fast. They hit any jig you throw at them... but unlucky me i donated a few jigs to the Spanish Mackerals... After lunch, we decided to move to a less choppy spot as the c

Singapore Mano Wreck Fishing For Giant Grouper

So here it was, my first trip out to Mano Wreck with Captain James Ang Kong of Strikeforce. I have been hearing alot about this boat and captain from my friends and fishingkaki so when Clarence invited me, i couldn't say no. Clarence lent me his setup of a Shimano Ocea Jigger 4000P and some heavy rods.... Tom was on a killersword PE 4 - 8 and Accurate 600N i think. We were all using mainline of at least 80lbs and leaders of 100 - 150lbs. Hook size minimum 8/0. Tom went clubbing the night before so he went into the cabin right after boarding the boat. Wow, i must say that Strikeforce is a damn luxurious boat to be fishing on. It's big, comfortable, has beds and a nice toilet... Beautiful boat. We went to get our baits for the day which are the usual baitfish at the buoys. Got us some neh buey and selar papan for the Giant Groupers. Captain Ang Kong tried live flower crabs on his last trip but this time couldn't get so we were a little sad. Fishing for

Ajiking Atom 500 Fishing Spinning Reel

I was window shopping around the geylang area the other day with Shawn and got this little beauty. Was visiting Sea Tackle and their closing down sale so i thought why not head down to Topgear Fishing tackles... I saw this cute reel at quite an affordable price so i thought why not get it... It's relatively smooth like a Shimano but doesn't feel as solid as a Daiwa... I'll be using it for micro jigging and fishing for temensis/peacock bass. I don't know whether it's going to last... It comes with a nice round knob and reel bag too... 5 Ball Bearings One way Clutch Bearing Super Strong Drive Gear Computer Balanced Rotor Excellent and steady drag system Ultra thick bail wire Infinite anti reverse system Press forging aluminium spool Machined cut handle Machined cut handle knob Gear ratio : 5.2 : 1 Line capacity : 0.165/135m Pictures below:

Nice Toman on a Pencil Lure

This is actually my exam period but I wanted to cure some exam stress so i checked with Shawn and he was ready to go... but we could only lure for 1 hour from 0630 hrs - 0730 hrs so we bashed in early and made full use of our time. Shawn was a long lost kaki that over time i lost contact with. Such are the liabilities of a Singaporean man... NS, working to save up for marriage, women... etc. But i've recently got in touch with him and he has joined me in the world of luring. In the beginning, it was like bringing out a total newbie luring. He will do many stunts and leave me very confused. He is also super stubborn and like to buy cheap stuff. Hahaha... But time passes and Shawn is slowly getting better although he has not landed his giant Toman. It will be another giant step for him once he does that. Right now, he still thinks his tiny setup can land the Toman but i told him he will regret it. Ok now to the fishing! It was unexpectedly HAPPENING at this spot of ours. Small

Desaru TU Lighthouse Extra Fast Light Jigging Video!


Desaru TU Lighthouse Jigging and Fishing with Badol

Fishing in Malaysia is affected by the year end monsoon season...This season, the monsoon is here early and it's bad thing for us as our trip to Pekan Pahang got cancelled due to the strong wind and rain. But a few phonecalls away and we got ourselves on a trip to Desaru TU Lighthouse for light jigging and bottom fishing. Alan just got back from Desaru and it was a Queenfish frenzy according to them. As usual, i prepared jigs from 30 - 60g and some metal tracers for the Tengerri. I am using Owner SJ51 Stinger Jigging hooks 2/0. We had a good breakfast at one of the stopover and met up with our boatman Tekong Badol. The roti prata was great at this place and the funny thing was that once we met up with the boatman, we knew today was going to be a good day. From the way he talks to you, we can tell he will not be lazy and arrogant. It's hard to find a boatman like that if you know what i'm talking about. We followed Badol to the beach where we're supposed to board