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Singapore Tenya Fishing with Jimmy Lim

Baktao and friends go on a pure Tenya fishing trip on Fishing on IT'S Gr-R-Reat. So is Tenya effective? You bet it is! Hear from Jimmy as he shares with us how to do it right in Singapore waters. Tenya fishing is a less tiring way of fishing compared to using Madai jigs. Jimmy compared it to the traditional way of fishing using HK hooks. Catch the video as he teaches you how to hook the prawn for a tenya, what tackle is suitable for Tenya and shows you his various types of Tenya such as the Shimano cupcake Engetsu. A good day out fishing at the waters near Pulau Ubin, Pulau Tekong and Changi! Tenya has now picked up popularity in Singapore and is one of the most effective methods of doing offshore fishing in Singapore. I've currently brought in a batch on Red Tenya 60g which you can get from me here .

14 Coconut Waters found in Singapore that you can bring for a fishing trip (or the outdoors)

Which is the best? There are many benefits to drinking coconut water but it is only recently that the Singapore market has been flooded with these refreshing drinks. If you look closely, you can find more than 15 brands of coconut water in our supermarkets. This could be due to drink manufacturers finally adapting to Singapore consumer’s healthier choices. These days, modern day coconut water such as UFC Refresh is also proven to contain less sugar than conventional canned coconut water and also available in large tetrapaks. Check out this site on the criteria on how to choose the healthiest coconut waters. The fact that they are packaged in tetrapaks actually reminds me of buying milk and very soon it gets into my head that whenever I grab some milk, I should grab coconut water too! While coconut water is usually drunk as a beverage while eating out, you should also start to consider bringing coconut water on your fishing trips because of various beneficial reasons. 

#GE2015 and Fishing Charters

It's #GE2015 and surely the Baktao has something to say about it? Thankfully though, I won't be politicizing my page in a nonsensical way. This post will link back to fishing in a fun way and hopefully not be too biased to any political party. Since ESM Goh likened PAP to a cruise ship and LTK thought it was the Titanic, Baktao would like to think that the Government is a fishing charter operation in Singapore which is driven by 89 boatmen.  Why fishing charter? I believe that the Government is responsible for creating a productive environment in which our people can possibly catch the biggest fish of their lives, whether to feed their family or to keep as trophies. Below are my fishy views on #GE2015 so far. The views are individual points that stand out to me and are in no way written to relate or link to each other. Instability & an increasingly grey Future Our world was never stable and is facing increasing instability in this generation. Econom