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Testing The Pro tech Magic Spin Light @ Pasir Ris Farmway 3

After a week i got my Pro Tech Magic Spin Light from Hock Heng, its time to really test the limits of the rod by pitting it against the fishes at Iwarna Pasir Ris Farmway 3 Catch and Release freshwater pond. I've tried casting with the rod and its definitely over-rated for a 6-12lbs rod. It casts relatively well but I've yet to get any big fish to really load the rod with a fish moving in the water... Hopefully, I'll get a few hook ups today to really bully the rod. My new red rod basking in the afternoon and evening sun... We got the usual secret bait and some dead milk fish i bought. The milk fish were very nicely sized around 4-5 inches so momok and me got pretty excited about using them. I dropped my milkfish to the side of the pond while momok casted his far out. Less than 30 minutes into the session, while momok and me were talking cock, my new red rod slowly bent over. I sprung into action but i had some difficulty in getting the rod out of the holder. The fish w

How To Use Squid Jigs by Yamashita

Here's a Video on how to use squid jigs by Yamashita which was recommended by Tim. It's a good video if you're still a little clueless about Eging.

Fishing Ghost Story?

I was extremely tired after fishing on Friday so i woke up late on a Saturday noon. It was hot and funky today. I have never experienced great catches on hot days following a big downpour. I feel that the hot sun makes water condition worse. To backup my theory, i always experienced better catches when it was just cool rainy weather all the way. Nevertheless, i grabbed my new rod and off i was to a spot near me... on my bicycle! It was tough work getting to the spot since i was cycling under the hot sun. When i reached the first water hole... I already decided that i would just start fishing here and ignore the other spots in which i had to bash deep in. Reaching the spot...

"Pro-Tech" Magic Spin Light

I've got myself one of these affordable yet sturdy blanks from Hock Heng the other day so that i can use it on smaller fishes... I got the 6-12lbs at 6 ft. At first look, the reel seat is extremely eye catching... At a close study of the rod, i found the rod to be extremely strong for a rod of its category although the the butt area is still a little stiff. I have a feeling it might be a extremely good rod to play with once it has softened enough... Hehe... Here's some pictures of the rod at Alan's blog . I'll be testing out my new toy from now on... Let's see how the rod handles against the fish. I brought the rod out for some freshwater action after the heavy rain today... It seems like the fish are taking cover although i had a greenback Toman study me curiously from the shallow water! The water is dirty at Upper Seletar now since alot of water is being pumped in. I'll be taking a break from that particular catchment area for awhile... Here's som

Daiso Egi Spurt Eging Ji

I went shopping around IMM area and happened to be at Daiso... Heard from the forum that the new batches of Daiso lures are in recently. I was quite surprised when I arrived there as it looked as though there was a raid on the stocks. There are new swivel/lure boxes and green/gold coloured rattling vibes(silent and rattle). There is also a very cute lure which i think is only 2cm... I was more interested in the squid jigs which are named the "Egi Spurt". Nose and body are shaped like Yamashitas but the colours are quite intriguing. I found the gold belly with black cloth very attractive. I got myself the yellow body (rainbow belly) and blue coloured (silver belly) too. The black, yellow and blue! These new bunch of squid jigs are better quality than the last squid jigs that Daiso brought in... So at $2, i found it quite value for money. Will be testing them out in my next squidding trip... The black seems good for day time. Black body to emit the sun's heat and a

Saturday Jungle Luring

After a week of not fishing, how could i not go hit the waters during the weekend? I arranged with Darth Vader and here we go again. Since both of us are feeling a little under the weather, we went to a spot which required less bashing(we thought). We were going for Toman and Temensis at this spot so i was pretty excited as i had not landed any big Temensis yet. Upon reaching the spot, there were water lily pads all around and it was a perfect place for snakehead... Just that the water level was a little low. It seems that water was pumped out... We casted as we moved along deeper into the trail. We saw a Budjuk resting just beside overhanging branches but it was deemed too inaccessible to cast there. Peek previews We bashed along the trial and encountered all sorts of natural dangers like Snakes, falling tree branches, bee hives and even mud which can go up to your thighs if you tread on them. It was not easy to bash since the weather was extremely hot and humid but we persisted.

Jungle Luring Singapore: First Fish For 2010 Jungle Quest

New Year's Day was SUCKY for me and i needed to "Turn Luck". Met my hardcore kaki early in the morning and we trekked in to the mini jungle. I forgot how many right or left turns we took but we rode on our luck and after foraging around for almost an hour, we reached our first pit stop. 0830 hrs - Arowana Preview I was aghast at how pristine the background was. It was a little "lagoon" which stemmed from the main reservoir. It was surrounded by trees, so we weren't affected by the wind... This meant still, enticing and sexy waters. I clipped on a small popper and went to a good casting area. It was important not to spook the fish here as they have rarely seen humans. Even tree branches snapping on the forest floor can cause them to bolt. Before i casted, two handsome Arowanas were cruising the waters. Arowanas are obvious to spot and most of the time, they are just swimming below the surface. I was filled with excitement and casted just beside the pai