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My First Tapah Catfish at Pasir Ris Farmway 3 Iwarna

I haven't been fishing actively but here's a short but simple report from Pasir Ris Farmway 3. I'm sure many of you know that the time for fishing at this pond which has given us such a good time is now very limited because of some some lease issues which you can check out here . I have been a staunch supporter of the pond and have been actively fishing there since it was created. Although the fishing has is now more of fun and relaxing for me nowadays, the pond always takes me back to my roots both as an angler and a moderator of the now defunct The key concept of the pond is not to make money (unlike Fishing Paradise) but to actually promote catch and release via the concept of doing just that but with a huge twist since the fishes in the pond could be said to be exotic - you get the huge Chao Phrya Catfishes, the Alligator Gar, Patins, Pacus and so on. When they first started out, I even saw excited owner Vincent having a blast when lorries cam

Manila Finale: Slum Visit and Mabini Shrine

The last leg of my free and easy Manila trip was probably the best one as I enjoyed the simple home cooked food and light hearted company. I had the experience of living life the humble filipino way and found out that no matter how bad times were, there was always hot delicious food going round everyone's tables (or rather houses)! But put your typical Singaporean here and I swear they would run far far away. A slum is a slum afterall and the living conditions were not what normal Singaporeans would be used to. Toilets were considered holes in the ground, shelters were built right beside smelly drains and roofs were just zinc plates joined together.  the slum living room where all families from different houses would come together and share a common TV! Into slums we go   We had a short visit to Mabini shrine after Taal Volcano and the ladies picked some wild cranberries... I had fun writing my name and website on the Mabini shrine guest list! Free entry! raw

Casting and Jigging for Mackerals at Desaru On Malaysia Polling Day!

I realised it's been awhile since I had put up an instant fishing catch report in which CRs were posted the following day after the catch... so here's one! We had a reasonable trip with Boatman Shawn! (oops!) at Desaru that could have been excellent if not for the weather that hit us in the morning when the current was excellent for fishing. Fishing at Desaru is definitely convenient now that there is the new senai expressway... in fact for someone that lives in the west like me, it's almost the same travelling time to fish in Desaru and to fish in Changi offshore!!! I'm pretty sure many kakis will make the switch from fishing in singapore to fishing in desaru because of this... hahaha... We started the day early at 7am at the Desaru coffee shop meeting place with our usual meal of mee goreng... the ayam goreng has improved and they added some herbs to it! Simply delicious! Decent plate of mee! To fire up ourselves! The cat and mr chong  We gathered our

Casting Sinking Minnows (Jackson Pintails) for Mackerals (or Pelagics)

Casting sinking minnows for spanish mackerals (batang, tengerri, beh kah, ma jiao) or even pelagics has been a recent trend in jigging/luring that has been picking up in Malaysia fishing such as Rompin, Pekan and even Desaru. I remember the introduction of Jackson Pintail by lure haven some years back and now this trend is so popular that there are so many similar lures out there in the market like the Asari Pinktail, Senses Spymission, Duel Hardcore 110S and even the D Lures Submariner! In this baktao gold article, I hope to roughly illustrate the basics of successfull execution of this rather new technique so that newbies can have an understanding of how it works. If one fishes with this method correctly, it is extremely effective on the fishes! Scope Anglers should take note that the application of this particular illustration is narrowed to mostly offshore boat fishing in which there is deep enough water, fish attracting devices (FADs) such as Unjams, ships or structures. Alt

Manila Part 3: Taal Volcano Finally!

It has been quite some time since I blogged about my adventures at Manila. I last stopped here and talked about my time at Intramuros but in this post I would finally get a proper "roadtrip" by visiting the famous Taal Volcano and Crater Lake. The Taal Volcano is supposedley one of the smallest active Volcanoes in the world so I had a chance of being turned into some Nando's creation during my time there! Today was also the last day staying at Marikina hotel as I surpised everyone by insisting that we stay in the slums tonight! Levi's and his safe no frills driving got us safetly to small little town of Barangay Buco which was famous for the Buco pies! Buco pies are delicious coconut pies which I last tasted when my nanay visited us in 2009! Unfortunately, I was on tight spending as I didn't know what the day's spending would amount to and we didn't have time to visit the money changer! It was good that we scrimped though as I realised that I would hav