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Changi Fishing Ah Fong Trip

Slow half day fishing trip with Ah Fong And after a few weeks of fishing with groups of 5, we are back to 2 pax! Strangely, I prefer fishing with 2 pax though as I found out that it doesn't really affect that catch and you generally are able to bring back more fish. Less folks also mean you can keep errors down to a minimum and this is exactly what we did on this trip. Can you guess whose rig was this? Beng and Son spotted! Dead calm. Not necessarily a good thing... It wasn't an easy trip though and the fish only started to bite in the late morning when the wind started to pick up. Most of the fishing spots yielded only a fish or two so it was a really slow day of picking up fish. It was dead calm and flat in the morning and this wasn't good for drift fishing. Lawrence with a decent sized grouper weighing just about 2kg. Not going to blog much since it's just a usual trip at Changi. Fancy a simple boat fishing trip off Changi, Singapore waters? You can contact Ah Fong.