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Modern Boat Fishing In Singapore

Fishing and prawning in Singapore has been getting difficult for some time now. The popular spots like Bedok Jetty, Sembawang Park, Changi Boardwalk etc have not been producing consistent catches for a very long time now. In short, singapore fishing spots are dying out! Even Singapore boat fishing at Changi, Southern Islads are not producing consistent results! In addition, many fishing tackle shops are now closing down making the local singapore fishing scene seem dead. But recently, the local fishing scene has been lit up with the introduction of micro jigging and even kayak fishing. While not on a kayak, I first had my maiden experience on a portabote a few years back. It was a great experience as i managed to hook up some decent fish. The main advantage of this type of fishing is that you can go near to promising areas with many snags, debris and the small boat means the fish are not scared away. Eventually, this led to Kayak fishing being more popular in Singapore as fish

Shimano 2012 Jigging Rods

Shimano has launched some new light jigging rods recently this year to catch up with modern jigging mainly influenced by Japanese blank designs like the Goldenmean Sabeldance and Earthshaker. This is good news as there are more light jigging rods for us to choose from. If you add in the Valleyhills Oceantrail and CTS custom light jigging blanks, things are really looking exciting for the anglers. The 3 models are the Shimano Game Type LJ, Shimano Jogbros and the Shimano Metalblow. These rods come with Fuji K guides. I hope the rods come in 1pc versions! From what i see, the Shimano Game Type LJ is the one to get as it comes with Spiral X technology. Pricewise, hearsay is that the Shimano Metalbow is available for $180 at TCC which is a crazy price bound to pit it directly against Sabeldance. Here are some videos of the Shimano Metalblow PE 1.5 in action by Edmund. He overloaded the rod and the rod was tested on maxdrag Shimano Stella 4000 with Powerpro Slick 30lbs! Amazing rod

Desaru Fishing Jigging 9 - 10 April 2013

It’s been some crazy fishing for me this few weekends. This trip was Shawn’s first trip since his disastrous Rompin trip. This was also Terence’s, Clarence’s and Ah Yong’s virgin trip to Desaru TU Lighthouse for the Queenies. But our boatman had something else installed for us and we were brought to the Tengerri or Spanish Mackeral spot at a hot baitfish area just behind a parked tanker. The tanker looked old and ill managed. It probably was there was already quite a long time since baitfish and coral had clustered together near the propellers. The Jackson pintail and pintail tune had the most success here with Terence getting 4 Spanish Macks. The Asari Pink Tails were crap here as we needed super fast retrieve – something the Asari couldn’t. How we worked our pintails was that we would cast as far as possible, let the minnow sinker 10 – 20 seconds and just simply crank it up. Lures are preferred to jigs because it has less chance of getting bitten off by the toothy fish. Jackson pin

Back from Pekan Fishing AGAIN!

Great trip... Pop Pop Pop! GT!?! To be continued soon...

Back From Desaru!

Hi guys, I'm back from my 2d1n Desaru light jigging trip with chalet. It was kinda fun for me as i landed most of the fish... hahaha.... I will be sharing some mini tips on how i use Ichiku jig in reef fishing while drifting or anchor... But it won't be so soon because i'm heading for another round of jigging in Pekan this weekend on my birthday! Hehe... Jigging for the 3rd weekend straight! Some preview catches... beautiful 11 pounder red garoupa aka coral trout aka ang gao Secret spot?

Pekan March 2012 Jigging with Rickey

Hi guys, it's been a few days since i got back from fishing in Malaysia, Pekan. Bringing a sunburn back to the office is a challenging affair! The air con in the office seems to make the skin even more dry! I'll be heading off to Desaru in a few hours time so i'll keep this sweet and short so that fishing kakis heading off to the region this few days can have a good update. The spanish mackeral or tengerri is IN. Have heard and seen reports from Rompin, Pekan, Desaru that they are in! So prepare your steel wire and jigs to fish these toothy fishes! During my trip to Pekan last week, we had great fun with the light jigs and ebeks (diamond trevally). These fish typically take out half the line on your spool before they tire and they are great fun on PE 1 tackle. The jigs we are using are from 30g onwards and we had loads of fun. First day was pretty rough due to typhoon pakhar which hit vietnam. But second day was quite calm overall. How we jigged these fishes were simp

Asari Pink Tail

Hi guys, recently we found another sinking minnow for saltwater use called the Asari Pink Tail 38g. It is a cheeky name considering the idea came from the Jackson Pintail Tune. Both are sinking weighted minnows that work well in salwater environment. Cast the lure out and wait for it to sink before just reeling it in. We got the Asari Pink Tail from tackle 2000 at a good price since the Jackson pintail tune is easily two times more expensive. But stocks are finishing fast so hurry up!!! The interesting thing is that they sort of copy the Technic Prohunter minnow design but casting is ok and action has been tested to be good too. Hoping to use it this weekend at Desaru TU Lighthouse... I'll try to update the Pekan trip results soon lol.... 

Back from Pekan Fishing with Rickey Tay

Hi all, I'm back from Pekan on my open season ebek jigging trip with Pekan Rickey.... It was a fun trip... Weather was bad the first day but we manage to land a couple of nice fishes like diamond trevally and golden trevally. Hope I can write the catch report within this week.... have another trip this weekend!