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Singapore Freshwater Luring October 2011

I have been busy fishing most weekends. Recently, me and my kakis are very into freshwater luring for Toman (Snakehead), Peacock Bass and Temensis. We typically bash deep into the river system and fish along the perimeter of the system as we go and find fishes. It is a joy to go deep into our local catchment areas in search of these fishes. In the process, we get a good exercise and get to see local wildlife like the Pangolin, Owls and numerous monitor lizards.... good stuff! It's highly addictive stuff and kinda great to be doing this since modern day society plagues us with work, the computers and the TV! Give me the great outdoors anytime ;) Here are a few pictures that i've put together during a few trips... most of the trips are short luring catches that we had while we lured along the catchment area premises... we finally found a good old spot that we are planning to do a 2D1N camping and freshwater luring expedition... Parangs, mess tins, a good old fire, hammocks

Pekan Pahang Sailfish Season with Rickey Tay

Here's our yearly Sailfish fishing report from Pekan Rickey Tay on the east coast of Malaysia! We didn't land many Sailfish.... In fact, it's quite a bad trip but at least everyone landed one fish... Lost a few Spanish Mackeral on the troll... Birds were aplenty but the sails refused to bite... I had at least 10 follows on the popper! After a long while we finally got a Sailfish and I passed the rod to Shawn to have some fun! Weiyee also landed one! We jigged for squids... yup they were around! Shawn saw a bird... and they made friends. Got one! Last of the trip... Here's some videos! Shawn and Sailfish!