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Changi Offshore With Ah Fong 3188 On 6 September 2011: I got them to SMILE!

This trip was booked a few months in advanced as i wanted to plan an offshore in which my uncle, father and brother could come. So we had to book a weekday during the school holidays. On the trip was Shawn, Nick and son... my dad's friend and his kid was also on the trip. Our merry gang made our way to Changi Village to board the fishing boat. I had booked Uncle fong or ah pong boat's for the fishing gang. We boarded the boat at Changi Point Ferry Terminal. This was the place that people board the ferry to Pulau Ubin. We bought 2kg of live prawns and i bought some live Milk fishes too. The fishes were firing for this trip although sizes were pretty small. At 1000 hrs, i was pretty scared that we had not bought enough prawns! We had landed a mix of fishes and i caught a decent Ang Cho around 1kg My brother's second time fishing but he landed 5 fishes in the morning including one very handsome Ang Kuey or Red Snapper. Lunch time was not so good and i only landed two

The Plastic Man DIY Water Bottle Popper after a paint job!!!

New Paint job!! And new video during field testing!!! And how's this for fishing!!!

The Water Bottle Popper!

Ok guys i guess i'll be trying to go into the art of lure making lol so today i had some free time i thought why not make a popper for Sailfish and Toman... so i grabbed a water bottle to make a fishing lure called a popper. It was done in 5 mins... And cost less than a dollar. Can't wait to test this thing out... Don't laugh at me... Will make improvements like wiring, cuphead, rattles etc etc in future lol it will be version 2... The good thing about the water bottle is that you can just adjust any weight you want by adding weight into the water bottle via the cap... hehe Any suggested names for the water bottle popper??? Right not it's WBP Version 1 hahaha!!!

Fishing At Tutukaka, Auckland, New Zealand

Tutukaka was actually our third and last day fishing at New Zealand but I have enough time for only a short article so I'll start from here! Tutukaka jigging and fishing was actually not planned in our itinery but we were loving New Zealand so much that we extended our stay for another 2 days! Thankfully, Tony over at Yeehaa Tackle arranged a trip at short notice for us with Alan. Alan is our guide for the day and he is from Beijing. At Yeehaa Tackle The boat cost was $800 NZD for the day and Alan's fee was 100 NZD. We felt it was pretty reasonable as Alan drove all the way to Tutukaka from Auckland. It was a few hours night drive! Petrol was split at the end of the day. Tutukaka! We finally reached our boarding destination. I saw that our skipper was a good old skipper who looked very experienced. He had the looks of a good ol sea salt! He may be old but he knew jigging alright! Our boat! The Skipper brought us in the "World's Largest Seacave" to have

Fishing at Tairua: The Food for Singaporeans

I was might lucky to travel to many places in Auckland and i miss the food there already. What we cannot get here, we get loads there and in a way it's vice versa for them! Beef and pork were very cheap... visits to the butcher would make us happy! We had booked service apartments for most of the trip and the meat was done DIY style. I loved the BBQ Porterhouse!!! Simply wonderful. Kingfish sashimi and grilled was great too! We tried a number of places like Shells in Tairua, Japanese restaurants in Auckland and the Orbit Cafe at Auckland Sky Tower which was like a revolving restaurant! Sashimi was great in Auckland! I enjoyed the King Salmon Sashimi! Awesome grade 1 Salmon! FYI There is only grade 2 and below Salmon in Singapore as shared with me by our fish expert Ivan! And of course the Snapper, Golden Snapper, Kingfish we caught were also turned into Sashimi. Wonderfully yummy! I'll stop short of the descriptions here and post a couple of pictures now! If you are hu