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Threadfin Salmon (Kurau) on Changi Vincent's Boat!

Although I have lost count if how many times I went offshore fishing at Changi, nothing is as sweet and rare as seeing a Kurau landed right before your eyes. And a beautiful one at that! Kelvin landed this beauty of a fish on relatively light offshore tackle and to see that golden sheen on the fish was unreal. It wasn't a day with much quantity but very good sizes! Very happy for the guys that they managed to score some as we have lost some monsters during our previous trips. Weighed: Kurau - 5.5kg Barramundi - 4kg I went home, gutted and scaled the barramundi and steamed the slices the very next day. Recipe to steam for 5 minutes: Some ginger slices Rock sugar water Light soy sauce Pepper Minced garlic