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Back from Sibu!

Back from a 2d1n trip at Sibu with some friends. Been there and survived! Will try to do the cr soon.... laptop is going to crash soon... im seeing 6 screens sometimes...

Motoro Ray at Pasir Ris Farmway 3

Another trip was made to Farmway 3 after the New Year Trip... This time with Halley on board. I was going to let my light tackle get some feel of fish again so I brought along a Shimano Bassrise 4-8lbs paired with a cheap yellow reel (can't forget brand) with 6lbs powerpro braided line. It was fun using the bass rise but I almost couldn't set in the hook when the fish took the bait. When the fish came close, the lifting power of the rod was good and I could control the fish. A short video on the fight It was a slow day and we only managed a few fishes. Momok managed his first freshwater stingray though... a Motoro Ray... Congrats!

New Year's Day Fishing At Pasir Ris Farmway 3

Here's a CR that is a little outdated but still brings back fond memories. Momok and me went to Farmway 3 to get our first fishes for the New Year. Momok and me had a Barra while AG had a Patin. We were grateful that day as the fish were biting fast and hard. It was raining the whole day but it still was a pretty crowded place! Also on this trip Momok landed a Motoro Ray and I landed a Sultan Fish. I'll skip right to the photos...

Pole Fishing For Golden Pomfret

I've finally received the photos for our New Year's Day fishing at Pasir Ris Farmway 3 from Momok. It'll take some time to sort them out though! We had some fun yesterday at the Pasir Ris Pole Fishing Pond. Fishing is done by using a long pole, mono main line and house hooks/leaders. I've been observing this pond for awhile and finally got a chance to test out what I observe. The house pole rods are heavy and thick but the fight of the fish is good if you allow it to run. We got ourselves 2 rods for $50 each for 3 hrs. Me, Momok, his Brother in law and his kids are the participants... The bait we are using is prawn meat as we are targeting the Golden Pomfret/Pompano/Permit/Kim Chio. For the 1st hour, we had nothing! I only had one take and the fish threw the hook. The other two people at the pond were landing fish though so we continued scratching our head. It was not until the ah lau next to me asked his daughter to buy something for him that i realised what the secr

Some Light Freshwater Luring in Singapore

I'm still waiting for the farmway 3 New Year fishing photos from Momok but here's some fishing done on Sunday. I was pretty down on my mood and went out alone to get some small fish. Thing with small fish is that they're plenty around! Had fun with some flies from momok! Tackle Used Shimano Bassrise 4-8lbs Shimano Aernos 1000 w 6lbs powerpro

Luring on a rainy afternoon...

Momok and me were determined to get our last fish of the year. It was extremely sunny throughout the day. It was hard to sift through the spot as it's been ages since i was here. When i reached the spot though, dark clouds started to loom. I saw a black figure moving slowly across the water's edge. It was a great big Toman. I setup quickly but quietly... it was gone... But then, my first cast on a new Pencil that i brought in was rewarded with a take! What?!?! That fast?! A cute Toman baby was hauled in. The rainy started on me and momok with the groundsheet backup was still not here. I crouched below a shady tree while i waited for him. The next few moments were hilarious... Two grown excited men holding up a groundsheet on both ends with our bags in the middle! We persevered and it was soon time to rumble! The rain was still thick but we ventured out to fish. Momok tried hard with a Trophy Scumfrog. And yup he did get a take ... another smallie... It seems as though the