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Luring, jigging and baiting with Sam Law

There are so many options for fishing in Singapore now but there is so little time to do so. Add the myriad of techniques that one can pursue in fishing and you end up with a mix of expectations, worries and excitement. The best fishermen I know though, can navigate through all these and still come out victorious - either contented with a day's fishing or always getting a fish no matter the situation. If you're like me and you're always trying to squeeze time for fishing, then I think versatility in your fishing expectations is important. You'll want your boatman or fishing captain to be able to do everything and to be flexible according to the water conditions. Sam Law is such a captain that I know of and he's not only versatile but very big on results. It's tough to place what he really is good at - I used to think he was very good at bringing folks out for jigging and slow fall but it seems that he also knows his baiting stuff! He also knows his casting