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Changi Offshore with Ah Chong 681

I'm finding it tough to blog this few weeks because of studies and work. I must say that after blogging for so long, it's really passion that keeps us going on to share what we catch and to open this up to the public. Anyways, here's one to update what I have been fishing up this past few weeks. Fishing has been rather lukewarm other than the red drum trip and a trip with Ah Chong wasn't too good either.... The day started with rain and strong winds that will probably kill off any trip at Changi waters because this means the water will turn into some teh tarik colour and the fishes will be put off the bite. Nevertheless, we hit some good fishes with ah chong drifting here, there and everywhere... It'll probably be some time before I head back to Changi again... I will be visiting Pekan in October and Desaru in November before doing some Changi Offshore in December.... Here's the total catch...

Yak Attack!

Kayak Fishing needs no introduction nowadays with the niche sport being so popular that it was featured on the inaugural issue of Hooked Magazine, Fish ON Magazine and on Fishingkaki etc. Popular areas that these Kayakers launch from are no surprise as Kayak fishing has no boundaries - Whenever, Wherever and Whatever places these guys can launch from, they will launch! Areas like the Pulau Ubin Mangroves, Yishun ITE (Khatib Bongsu) Mangroves, Simpang Mangroves, Punggol Barat, Seletar Island are all accessible to the humble little Kayak and these areas prove to be a hotspot where kbls, mangrove jacks, groupers, giant herring (ladyfish) are found! Check out the Yak Attack Videos which are done by Mathew and Don - a crazy Kayak angler himself! Find out how these Kayak anglers do it on their Hobies and Emotion Kayaks! Check out their regular episodes in which they explain the basics and techniques of Kayak fishing... useful stuff for budding kayak anglers!  

Taiwan Ngor at Sembawang Park: Our Very First Inflatable Self Boating Fishing Trip

This was the beginning... the beginning of a new golden era of self boating trips. This was where legends cement themselves on the muddy ground. This was where a small piece of prawn meat could launch a thousand belukangs (catfish). This was where we were bled...  This was our very first fishing trip on a cute inflatable boat! Fishing is getting tougher all the time in Singapore and when Boatman Shawn invested in his inflatable boat fleet, things were always going to get interesting although understandably noone wanted to do any investing except while Boatman Shawn himself. We knew we were going to be in for some wacky and extreme fishing (a fishing shoutout now made popular by Robson Green)! And so, it happened... armed with some live prawns, live milkfish and two oars... We paddled on our ridiculously long banana shaped inflatable boat to our fishing spot! Some broken down jetty which we knew would hold some fishes was our top fishing spot (It was later on proven on another trip

Pasir Ris Event Pond - Private Booking

A booking for the Pasir Ris Event Pond (Pasir Ris Pond Fishing) at Pasir Ris Town Park for Shell Fishing Club was made with my Uncle being a contractor to Shell and of course Clarence who was a Shell staff. I popped by to help Clarence's kids with the fishing and of course also to introduce my brother to some pay pond fishing. According to the organizers, there were 150kg of fish released and they were already released into the pond which is good because if not everyone will be crowding around the cage area. Golden Snapper (Ang Cho), Barramundi (KBL), Mangrove Jacks (Cia Zho) were released and everyone was excited because 150kg was a large amount! There was a mini competition going on and there will also be buffet lunch served afterwards. After getting some terminal tackles from Tackle 2000 (a tackle shop near Pasir Ris Fishing Pond), we got down to the fishing business! The most effective bait for pond fishing at Pasir Ris fishing pond so far is fillet tiaow keng (batu scad

Pasir Ris Farmway 3 Iwarna Catch and Release! Red Tail Cat Bully!

It was the festive long weekend so I bought some guys out to their first trip to Pasir Ris Farmway 3 for the big catch! It was a freshwater catch and release pond but boasted some very big fishes like the Chao Phrya Catfish, Red Tail Catfish, Pacu, Alligator Gar, Patin and recently I saw Kelah there lol... It's quite amazing you can find all these fishes at Singapore and you don't need to go to Bangkok Bungsamram or even IT Monsters Lake to catch these monster fishes... We caught the night shift after buying some baits but we couldn't get cockles aka sea hum which is a very good bait! Instead we stuck with some chicken liver and kembong... We set 4 rods out which will guarantee some action and I was right! We had a slow start but once the fish were biting, we had a good time but we bust our first 7 fishes! The Red Tail Catfish getting the best of Fengshan when it took the bait directly below him and he was still laughing when the fish pulled into the structures hahahahah

Singapore Madai/Tai Kabura Jigging Southern Island Fishing Trip with Ah Ho RSYC

At first I wanted to bring my dad and brother along to our Singapore Southern Islands for some fishing as they hadn't really done any fishing there. That would probably have to be a baiting trip as they are not familiar with madai or jigs. But they were unable to make it so I found some kakis to go on the trip instead. The boatman was no other than the famous ah ho with The Best Bet from RSYC. He is a knowledgeable boatman who has good understanding of the various spots but he can be a little bit stubborn hahaha.... Anyway, ah ho advised us to get some live prawns as the recent wind may build up again and that will make fishing with artificial difficult. We set off early at 7am after grabbing our live prawns from Dash Fishing Tackle. As usual, I met ah ho near my place and we set off together with the very spaced out expression of setting off at 5.15am! I have immense respect for him in that sense since you have to imagine him waking up every morning at 5am and preparing for e