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Recommendation for cheap Mookata at Bangkok – Family BBQ Mookata

Found them at Instagram! Bangkok, the land of smiles, is one of the countries that we travel to and worry that at the end of the trip, we might not be able to button our clothes! This sounds exaggerating but it is true and I literally boarded the plane with my shorts unbuttoned but zipped.  Today’s post will be a feature on a particular “restaurant” that didn’t seem to have much information on google and made me contemplate if I should give it a try. Thankfully I did. It was awesomely deliciously fantastic! I can’t classify this place as a restaurant as my definition of restaurant is one with air-con and nice, soft and fluffy carpet. Introducing Family BBQ, my new found favourite place in Bangkok for Thai Mookata. As I got very excited and hungry upon reaching there, I missed out taking pictures of the spread. We chose the seafood buffet which comprises of salmon fish head, mussels, clams, baktao, squid, crab, bamboo clams, prawns, and a lot more non-seafood item s

3 tips if you're fishing for the first time at Pandan Reservoir

Clear requirements now Just a few months ago, I wrote that we should give the Singaporean authorities a break when it comes to illegal fishing in reservoirs but never in my most intimate dreams would I have expected PUB to then open up more fishing grounds in our local reservoirs. What’s more was that they didn’t just open a small section or platform (like they did previously with most of the legal fishing areas), they opened up massive sections of fishing areas in certain reservoirs like the popular Pandan Reservoir. I had to admit that the news struck me weirdly. On one hand, I was concerned that there should have been more done to evaluate the whole fishing environment and system before committing to such a big change. I.e. opening a reservoir is one thing but how do you maintain fish stocks are another. Being a seasoned newbie angler also informed me that one should definitely fish at the opened areas as soon as possible. It was not that there wouldn’t be any fish after i