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Malaysia Pekan Fishing March 2013 Preview!

I'm back from my short trip to Pekan guys... brought Weiyee and Kiat who were first time jiggers and all managed to score good first time fishes! Awesome experience for the guys for their first time jigging in malaysia Pekan! Check out this hot preview video!

Prawning at Haibin Bishan [CLOSED]

It's another prawning outing at Bishan Hai Bin Prawning and I was super surprised this time... because I was out prawned! Short rods mean less prawns actually as most prawns are at the middle of the pond! Another amusing thing during the prawning session was that there were people that brought scissors to snip off the prawn pincers before putting it into the net... I felt that this wasn't really requried because you can hold the prawn pincers together with one hand and take out the hook with the other. The prawn pincers are often neglected but big prawn pincers can really yield a tasty treat. We had a total of around 40 prawn. Hold the prawn pincers with one hand and impress your date! Needless to say, the prawns were bbq with salt...though I contemplated bringing some herbs. Lemon pepper and some oregano or dill should work wonders with the blue mountain prawns. After prawning and eating the prawns, I went with R to the nearby Beer Garden and we had a few beers

Correct Fighting Positions/Techniques For Boat Fishing

I actually came across these thoughts while I was looking at one of my Youtube videos. The correct fighting positions especially when fighting fast swimming fish like Mackerals are extremely important in boat fishing. I lost one of my record sized mackerals because of this and it was been a painful but useful lesson. I know of many an angler still making the same mistakes today due to ignorance or sometimes they forget... Whenever you see a friend hookup a good fish, don't just wait... get out the camera for a video or help get him into position plus at the same time look out for obstacles that lie ahead. The usual obstacles are lines that are still in the water. These are common habits that seasoned anglers usually do in these situations and they can be useful too! Also, your buddy will be forever greatful to you when that record fish is landed. Like they say... fishing is a team effort! Common Problem 1: Fish changes direction and swims at lightning speed towards the back of

Manila Part 2: Intramuros and Pan de Amerikana Restaurant

After a night at Manila, I realised Filipinos tend to wake up very early by default. My Nanay and her daughter were up by 0730hrs while I found myself still making a muah chee out of myself on the bed. We ourselves on the way to Intramuros with Levis being the lead guide cum driver... but not before stopping by to have a good hearty traditional filipino breakfast! It cost around 200 pesos which was less than 10 SGD. I didn't get the address of this roadside eating place place so it was a real pity. Filipino chicken adobo is a a popular must try dish in Phillipines. It is a style of cooking involving vinegar, ginger and very rich sauce. It is probably the equilavent of the Singapore Chicken Curry or Braised Pork Trotters or Babi Pongteh (if you come from a baba/nyonya family like me). I tried many an adobo dish during my trip and there seems to be no distinct fixed taste. EVERY adobe dish be it chicken or pork has a unique taste that is special only to that stall or cooking metho

Part 1: Short Holiday to Manila

Travel and lifestyle posts will now be an occasional feature in my blog... So start things off, I am going to be blogging about my short 4 days Free and Easy Holiday to The Phillipines, Manila. I managed to visit a number of attractions there were close to metro Manila in the short time I was there. The aim of these posts will be to hopefully to help travellers and fellow Singaporeans to have some picture of what's going on in these places and how I conquered these places the "Baktao" style!... These posts will be personal, non commercial and "home-made" in the sense that it will probably mean loads of bias posts and thoughts on certain issues but the beauty is that it comes straight from my very heart.... Awwww After some basic online and library research on "What to do in in Manila", "Things to do in Manila", "Attractions to visit in Manila" and so on... I finally had a list of potential places to visit. It's good to note t

Ah Ngan Kelong: Yet Another Sibu Kelong Trip On 7 - 9 Jan 2013

Yes yes.... I usually start with "Every year, I make a trip to Sibu Kelong in Malaysia for my yearly squid, selar, cobia trip bla bla bla..." or I will start with "It's been a long long time I been to Sibu Kelong, and we decided to make a trip there finally!".... Ok I guess I'll skip the introductions! Last trip to Sibu Kelong was in 2011 and I've really had some good fishing and variety during the past two years. I have been more into Deep Sea Jigging, Light Jigging, Micro Jigging etc... But we all got to go back to the basics of fishing some day. Back to jigging for baitfish at sibu, watching the sunset as you cast your live bait out and also simply enjoying the ring of the dinner meal bell at Sibu Kelong. It's much different ball game compared to the resorts at Pulau Sibu like the Sibu Coconut Resort etc... you live rugged, you eat rugged, you fish rugged at a kelong! And you can also take the boats out to Pulau Sibu Or Tingi for some island ho