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8 reasons why Aunty Pond at Neo Tiew Crescent is one of the best fishing ponds in Singapore

The one and only Aunty Pond I'll be honest. I have never loved or liked pond fishing as I always likened it to fishing prostitution. The pond buys fishes to release and the fisherman catches these fishes. There's nothing noble or "wild" about fishing for farm bred fishes. In pond fishing, we know what we're going to catch but in the wild, we don't know until we land the fish. Pond fishing was "okay" last time when fishing pond operators released more fishes but as the cost of living in Singapore went up, so did the cost to release fish. Nowadays, pond fishing operators release so little fish that people often shout "TEE XIII PANG HEUR" more frequently. That said though, It was my birthday and I wanted to go fishing for a few hours so Bakgal brought me to Aunty Pond at Neo Tiew. I was sceptical at first but as I went about my fishing, I must say that Aunty Pond has certainly given me a more refreshing experience. Here's why. 1.

The Peoples' Church is organizing a fun family day at D'Kranji Resort

In the past, I was so busy fishing that I forgot that Christ should play an important part in my life too. So once in awhile, I thought why not dedicate a post or two to Christ. My Church ( The People's Church ) will be organizing a fun family day at D'Kranji Resort (also where Oceania prawning or formerly 1Ders recreation is). Kranji Farms (D'Kranji, Bollywood Veggies, Hay Diaries etc.) has been coming out a lot in the papers and media so this really is a good chance to explore the area while having some fun! To register, visit the event page at The People's Church website .

Merchong Fishing April Open Season Wrap Up

It's back to Tee King Chong's Merchong Fishing yet again! It’s a common well known fact among the Singapore fishing community that fishes around the region are getting so little that you need to go during the “open season” in order to ensure a good fishing catch report.  Some anglers claim that the open season is better as the trawlers have not arrived but I guess the most credible reason is that during the monsoon season, the fishes are given a time to recover from fishing stress. Seasoned anglers will be surprised to know that fishing stress is not only the removal of fishes (to eat) from the sea but also the frequency that the area is fished at (be it jigs or baits). Sometimes, even though you release the fish, it can cause fishing stress as fish seem to be more wary to being caught again. Some open season predictions came true for our Merchong trip this time. Our ever dependable Ah Biao predicted there could be Ang Cho (Snapper) and Cobia around during the ope

Slow Fall Jigs for Singapore Fishing

Slow Fall Jigs for Sale at Bakgal's Carousell If you're looking for affordable slow fall jigs, my girlfriend - Bakgal is selling some at her Carousell shop. Be sure to check her shop out. The jigs will be suitable for a variety of locations and terrain. I use them too for my trips to Southern Island or Changi and I'll be also bringing some to Maldives in the near future to try out slow fall jigging there. Visit her shop at the below link: