Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ah Chong Changi Offshore 18 Feb 200

Dedicated to Ah Vin and Weiyee!
18 Feb CR 2008

Damn windy and choppy and sunny. Morning started off great with us landing a few ang kuey and ang cho. After that slow down already. Until start to tui chao then we caught a few more fish. Ah Chong champion with 1.8kg guhood. Sim's dad burst a giant herring at the ending part when his 40lb braided line broke as he didnt control his drag properly.

I also caught nth much except for grouper and some small fish. Ah Chong brought up a bubu with his anchor and in it were palm size fishes including grouper and kaci. Released the grouper and kaci but took the mouthwatering leather jackets...hohohooho...

Optimistic Start...

Boring mid day

Total catchy

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