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Sibu Hotboys Kelong Trip Big Squid Eging Catch

The monsoon season has officially started... At least for us in Singapore, we are starting to feel the effects. From the usual Changi Offshore Fishing to just fishing at Bedok Jetty. Thus, our yearly pilgrimage to the Sibu Kelongs has kicked off! With most of the region under attack from the monsoon, it is near impossible to go on offshore trips. It's a time to save up so that we can buy new babies but at the same time, cure the eging or seklar jigging itch... All this while relaxing on a Kelong!

Windy Changi Trip with Giant Herring

In my few years of Changi Offshores, i had only encountered the recently made famous "Giant Herring School", a few times. And to my frustration, i ALWAYS did not manage to land one. From the fish jumping off the boat and swimming away, to the usual throwing of hook and occasional bursts, i have always been disappointed. I intended to settle the score today at Changi. I was fairly confident that they would appear today as the fishes have been showing up en masse at forums. A quick check was made with Ah Chong who said more than 10 landed last week everyday, 10 landed on Sunday and 7 landed yesterday! I was determined not to let the fish get away this time. We were greeted by numerous fish scales scattered all over the boat. It didn't take a genius to guess what fish were the scales from! The Giant Herring will usually come out around late afternoon during a change of tide. The best current to fish them will be spring tides but today is already quite off the spring tide

KTM Resort Family Trip Review (Eging and Fishing)

It's great that I finally managed to organise another family trip since all of us are so busy and we seldom go out together. The build up to the trip was filled with obstacles and the logistics were not easy since I had to cater to so many troublesome needs... But i guess it turned out well okay. All 13 of us gathered at Harbourfront Centre early in the morning and checked in extremely early since i already collected the tickets beforehand. We even were too early and we weren't allowed to check in for another 10 minutes! But that aside, things went off pretty smoothly all the way till check in onto the resort itself. KTM Resort... an ideal place for relaxation, a little leisure eging and of course to just binge out ...