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Top 9 Phuket Travel tips from Baktao

Now it seems like this review took a very long time to finally take hold in my blog but I hope it can be of use to you during your next vacation to Phuket. I've been to Phuket many years ago on a full package trip with my family and it was unforgettable because it was so pristine and untouched back then. The most memorable would be to see my grandfather ogle after the nude caucasian women on the beaches. Even more memorable would be the long tail boat offshore fishing that was fairly common in Phuket. In Singaporean fishing terms, it was the type of "Lo Jiak", "Bao Tong", "Tok Kong" fishing frenzy that one could ever experience. Now it's 2015 though and is Phuket still as evergreen and pristine? Tourism always brings pollution and commercialization but in the midst of it all, I found that you don't need to rely on a tour package now. Reliable travel information about Phuket can now be found online and with a little planning, all I did was t

Chef Adrian's Crazie Chef Western Food

Well, my readers should know that I probably don't ever blog about food except for one post on Cacio E Pepe because they simply ranked too highly on my list of must try foods in Singapore... But when my old time friend Adrian reopened his western food stall, I simply have to blog about it! Adrian's western food is very big on authentic flavour and a very sincere effort on customer service. When I say authentic flavour, I really mean how he grills his steaks and the effort he makes into doing up his homemade sauces. It really is quite different from the off the shelf sauces of today... which seem overly flavorful. Other than the sauces, he offers some mean restaurant style cuisine which can include ribeye steaks, lamb shanks, grilled oven chicken, pastas, BBQ ribs and so on. We always wonder what is this guy doing a stall at a Coffeeshop! Do you know that I even had a 700g slab of ribeye once?! Yesterday, I had his grilled chicken with special BBQ sauce (which he proudly pr

Malaysia, Merchong Fishing with Tee King Chong 2015

Many anglers in Singapore ask me why I do not go for my fishing & jigging trips at popular Malaysia fishing spots like Pekan, Rompin or even Desaru. Fishing at these productive and good jigging locations in Malaysia often produce wonderful game fish like the Ebek, Giant Trevally, Spanish Mackerals (Batang), Cobia and even the elusive coral trout. It's where most "sport fishing anglers" in Singapore get their fix. The truth is that I am looking more for relaxing fishing and a good easy going time with my fishing kakis these days. Gone are the days that I am furiously popping, jigging or casting a Jackson pintail or Duel hardcore minnow for my prized catch... So what is so special about Merchong? Well this video on a recent trip proves that during a fishing trip, it's often the friends, memories, food (yes food) and place that really matters to all anglers.  Featured in the video are my usual fishing kakis doing all kinds of fishing - Micro jigging, light jiggi