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3 methods of using madai with live prawns for newbies during drift fishing

With anglers in Singapore now armed with Madai Jigs and Slow Fall Jigs when they go offshore fishing, it's no wonder the days of the Paternoster Rig (Apollo Rig) and Running Sinker Rigs are numbered. Madai Jigs complemented with live prawns (Maprawns) are very effective and proven in Southern Island or even Changi Offshore fishing. That said, does everyone truly know how to use a Madai Jig with bait? Most newbies will ask what do I do with the Madai Jig and what's the best sure win tactic to get the fish? You'll be surprised at the questions that I get when people ask me how to use it. I get questions like do I cast the Madai Jig! Before you use a Madai Jig without bait, I put together three sure-win or surecatch methods that will definitely make a difference to your offshore fishing if it's your first time using a Madai with bait. Forget about what people tell you about how to hook, how to tie, what rhythm to use or what tactic to use. When drifting, just obs

Why your Community Manager matters?

  Community Managers have always existed... It doesn’t matter which industry of work you’re in because you surely have seen the curious job title of “Community Manager” everywhere. While not everyone will eventually be a Community Manager, it’s crucial to understand how this evolving (yes I reckon it is still in its premature stage) role can help businesses. People often tell me, “Hey Nigel, forget about community management because it’s just a title that the big boys that Apple or Google come up with.” Thoughts like that put me to sleep because if you still think like that, you risk being left out of the new world. If you’re like the people above, quit reading this now. The truth is that community management has been existing even before the big boys coined the titles and formal roles. As a teenager that grew up with online gaming, I saw community management everywhere in that industry. The people that ran the IRC chat rooms (to organize multiplayer games), the h