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Fishing For Grouper with Boatman Shawn At Sembawang Park

One of the lonely weekends, the gang of 3 kakis took to the water again. With our odd combination of Kiat in his Hobie i9S and Boatman Shawn's Kairos Kaboat, we once again proved that finding good fish while kayak fshing in Singapore is definitely possible. With Kayak fishing, fishing spots are unlimited and you do not need a fishing charter or paypond to plan your fishing trip. We launched from Sembawang Park again which is a popular launching area now due to the beach being very close to the parking area. There is even some stairs down to the beach which solo kayakers can make use of. kiat and Hobie i9s fully rigged with mirage drive and hobie life jacket Shawn with his customized rod holder and kaboat Kiat impressed all the newbie kayakers taking their one star kayak course at sembawang again with his Hobie mirage drive which uses leg power! I think by now all the surfcasters fishing at the beach are so used to seeing kayakers launch from sembawang beach that we d