Big Grouper at Changi Offshore Fishing with Ah Chong

13 July 2008
Ah Chong's Boat

Berry funny build up to the trip...Why leh? Due to sad sad roger who cant go TP. The build up to the trip was funny as AC can't go for the trip and he had to opt out.

Then a few days before the trip, roger couldnt go TP with the guys as his leave was cancelled! Therefore...AC took his place! FUnny thing is that roger came with us
instead! Too itchy so bo bian... Also managed to poison another new kaki mondo to come and get poisoned together. Hehehe...

On first look, current should be very slack and easy going but strong winds today blowing up the water making it very murky but the sun was shining strongly and when we all let down our sinkers... Eh... Size 3 or 4 can liao..Hmmm... Seems like the wind is in our favour and pushing against the boat... If the wind was from the other side, sure layang liao lor...

Boatman was first to up the first and second fish... A small AC and small Guhoot. By now we were shouting KELONG! Then Weiyee's reel went ZZzzZzt and boatman thought it might be a threadfin as two threadfins landed the day before. In fact morning was threadfin hunting...Hehehe...But up came a decent sized Chermin with an even more suprised but still happy Weiyee.

Next up to get something was... (i cant remember). But after that the bite rate was pretty slow and i missed a good sized guhoot when i was dozing off... And so everyone recharge their batteries and were wondering when the fish went... When suddenly...

Then roger's turn to get a guhoot...That roger still can say this fish cannot pull my line one! Wah after that everyone auto mode liao suddenly wake up... But...nothing leh??!?!?!?!. Then come to drift over spot X and hmmm...somehow i put down a big prawn in search of mr gao...and wow goalkeeper gao over spot X...a decent 1kg...

Although quite a stale fight(gao heur lah..u know sinker) but still contented and very happy. Necro also managed to get an ang chor up and hopes were very high ah...

We went over to drift at SPOT X again... It was either SANGOAT or the coral outcrops there were many many ah! Then i heard a shout from the back...

So off we go drift over spot X again..and wahlao eh..almost instantly Cueball rod bending and we thought...hey hey its another Gao.. but after a long fight...and..Oh my its a big Ang Chor up! At 4lbs... Wahlao eh...sibe fight...wahlao...

After that we tried drifting over Spot X again but no more kang tao liao... Fish all go back sleep. Xris managed to land a Ang Chor at the end though... but ya...


6(2 released)xGao
4X Guhoot
4X Ang Chor
1X Chermin
5X Gelama and Kukup


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