Sunday, October 5, 2008

Changi Offshore Fishing: Chermin, Diamond Trevally and Stingray

Date: November 25 2006
Boatman: Ah Chong

I have never ever experienced a Chermin frenzy until today. Today upon reaching the spot, Skipper Chong told us its chermin hunting time and that they will feed on 15 minutes interval when the current stops... We waited and waited for 1 hour plus but still no Chermin... Then... All of a sudden my rod gave a strong bend and my reel screamed like no tomorrow. First Chermin in the day was soon in tow... After that... Everything went blank.

I managed to hook up the first 3 Chermins but lost the 4th one as my snell gave way. Ungah managed to bring up an 8 kg ray on his 10-30lbs Contender and Slade 2500. All of us even managed to get some fight on an estimated at least 25 kg ray. Fought it for around 3 hours and it was fought to boat side but lost. The net was standby but we realised the net was too small for the ray... While going to get the gaff, the ray managed to flip itself and made a last dash for escape. The line gave way and off went the ray! Who says light tackle can't bring up big fish?

A hell lot of Chermins later and it was heading back to the jetty for us!

Successful outing, great catch with Changi Ah Chong Boat 

Harley with a good Stingray

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