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Half Day Fishing with Jeffrey Tsen, Dr Rod from Sembawang

When you need fish, he is there! Aeroplane, aeroplane. Kaki cannot make it for cost sharing trip tomorrow. That was the shout out from Jeff and before he could even say no, we mustered a few of us to go for a half day trip. The three Bs! Baktao, Biao, Bao.  Expectations weren't really high especially after the rain at the Pulau Ubin fishing spot got us.  The rain was literally smacking us. Kinda painful! But hey, sometimes, one good fishing spot is all it takes to find the feeding fishes and have a good haul. Ah Bao nailed one on jig with his eging setup ! Decent size Mangrove Jack Even better was the rainbow at the end of the trip! Sunshine after the rain Fishing with good kakis. Very impressive for half a day fishing. Set off in the afternoon, came back in the evening Really a bit too big Decent day of fishing! Fishing is a little like that don't you think? @baktao Blessed #humpday ! Monday is a little like the rain. Wednesday is when you see a peak of sunshine and Friday

Ah Fong Fishing at Changi (September 2022 Trips)

Lumping together Ah Fong Changi trips in September here since it has already been so long! Early September: Champion Russel Foong from Anglers Hut Average catch for us today Guhood takes the prize Biao again He really is a super hardworking jigger! Late September: Rainy trip but a trip full of action Mangrove jack party! Huh MJ? Ok lo. Check out a Tik Tok Video! @baktao Fishing in Singapore with I dare say the best Captain in Singapore! All in a day's work. #singapore #sgfyp #fyp #fypシ #sg #fishing #sgfishing #fishinglife #fishingtiktoks #singaporetiktok #fishingsg #gonefishing ♬ In Love With You - BLVKSHP

Batu Pahat Fishing Trip with Captain Tony Lim (Kurau Haven) and David Ho

Fishing with the legends It's been more than two years since our last trip to Batu Pahat for fishing. I truly enjoyed the first one  for reasons only a bottom fisherman would know. It's not just anywhere where you have superb tasting fish to catch. The type of fishing in Batu Pahat also suited us since we were targeting bottom dwellers like the golden snapper, grouper, grunters and also the somewhat rare kurau and senangin . It was a no brainer when slots opened up for this trip and I could go fishing with my lovely friends - Biao, Bao, Ho and Baks. It was also Bao's birthday which made it all the more special. I truly enjoyed myself again. If you wanna go, contact David at +6590154088, he will be more than willing to bring you up. Some highlights of the trip. Breakfast at Batu Pahat We had breakfast at one of the neighbourfood roadside food stalls  called Kedai Kopi dan Makanan Laiyi. Delish local fare and very hearty food. The meatballs are so addictive. Queuing up with t