Thursday, October 9, 2008

Changi Offshore with Ah Chong 18 March 200

18 March 2008 Ah Chong CR: Special Edition!

Today is a disastrous day. We only had catch until 12pm. After 12pm, not even a single bite from almost all of us. But as they say, not everyday Sunday. Met Ah Longs boat on the way and they seem to have a better catch. Looks like they visited some metal payponds and parked most of the time.

Today we went to a secret spot further up North Tekong. About 1hrs then we reach the spot and we are drifting between some kelongs. Beginning, the current was alright... We landed a few Ang Cho and it was quite okay. The scenery was beautiful! Rows and rows of mangrove...Nice Green water and you can HEAR THE BIRDS CHIRPING AT THE TEKONG FORESTED AREA! BIRDS CHIRPING! Not a single boat was here...

As we drifted... The current started moving and that was when no more bites. I reckon we were drifting too fast and the bait was like moving fast along the very rocky bottom. The fish were unable to grab the bait and we were very sad. The bottom was very rocky! Below was like pebble land! No Joke man! Anyway we saw ah long parking near the kelong and it looks he had some decent catches. Power!

After the current was in full force, we decided to visit the breakwaters and "Wait out" the strong current before proceeding to Herring and Ang Kuey spot to try for them... Sadly...Not even a single fish! WTF. From 2pm-6pm... We had almost zero bite. This was very strange... At the end of the trip, we uncovered what might be the cause of the zero bite... We fished up an leng... We realised we been fishing in the middle of a big leng....LOL... How the fish swim in -____-

Anyway, it was great fun with the guys especially popper77, SGPU and their constant tricks and suan-ing of each other. I will be back on Good Friday and hopefully...Like Ah Chong says... THE FISH WILL BITE!

Enjoy the pictures below...

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