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BFC - Baktao Fried Calamari Recipe

Since my blog is specially named after the famous cuttlefish - baktao, I definitely must have a Calamari recipe right? Hence I'm featuring my special Baktao Fried Calamari recipe with home made tar tar sauce here! The portions are mostly trial and error so adjust the ingredients portion to your own preference! If you're looking for a simple Calamari recipe to cook your che bak/green eye squid or even baktao/cuttlefish after your Sibu Kelong trip, this is the recipe for you! Tasty fried calamari! Batter Recipe (mix batter in a bowl evenly) 2 Cups normal flour 1 tbsp Oregano 1 tbsp Paprika 1 tbsp crushed black pepper 1 tbsp salt or garlic salt to taste Tar tar Sauce Recipe (mix in a bowl and adjust ingredients according to your personal taste preference) 3 spoons mayo 1 tbsp pickle relish 1 slice lemon juice squeezed 1 tbsp onion powder 1 tbsp black pepper 1 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp water Other ingredients 400g squid rings 1 cup of milk (soak squid rings f

Digging for Clams (lala) at Kranji Beach with Family

Digging for clams (lala and tua tow) the previous round was addictive and after the first time, I was better prepared now as I brought water bottles to collect saltwater and sieve trays for easy sieving of excess sand! I brought my brother on this trip and I actually consider it a life lesson digging session. Why? Simply because, the value of hard work and not taking money for granted is really put through during the digging. The shellfish that we dug is only worth a few dollars but only through wading in mud, digging, sweating undet the sun did we get our clams. Nothing is free in this world. Anyway, I'd think my brother had a great time as he was naturally someone who was curious about sea creatures and the sea. The fact that we could see live horshoe crabs roaming around the tidal flats piqued him with great interest. I even saw a barramundi jump! We went barefoot as we waded across the flats although I wouldn't recommend this to kids or women. Barefoot is probably the

Visit to Woodlands Waterfront Park

Here's a very popular and easily accessible fishing spot that fishing newbies can try! It's high on my list of "relaxing yet somewhat can have reasonable catches sometimes" fishing spots! Other fishing spots on this list include East Coast 6 pipes, Sembawang Park, Changi Boardwalk, Labrador Park... I took a walk down memory lane when I finally visited Woodlands Waterfront park after its opening some time back. This was a place that was opened up for fishing (no live baits) after some renovation and rebuilding works. The former RMN (Royal Malaysian Navy) jetty was now a revamped jetty that was opened to public.  All developed now! There is alot of controversy surrounding fishing at the jetty as you cannot use live bait and can only fish around certain areas of the jetty. I know this to be frustrating for anglers as the best fishing areas were near the shore where the drop off and rocky formations are! I fished this place regularly with lures before the pa

Fishing with Ah Ho on his New Boat (Venessa)

Fishing with Ah Ho (Henry) was always going to be fun as Ah Ho was a proper "Fishing Charter Captain" in the sense that he knew where the fish were and he really knew how to get them! There are many "Boatman" who just bring customers to fish blindly at blind spots these days! Fishing at Southern Islands middle of the year was always fun as the pelagic species like Sagai, Golden Trevally, GT come out to play... This trip was no exception but the wind played a joke on us and we could only fish the inner islands than go out to the deeper waters for the big fishes! Nevertheless, I had a special guest on this trip. My fears were gone when I boarded Ah Ho's new boat - Aircon Cabin, Speakers blasting music and a comfy rest area! What seasick?! As the day went by, did fine and even managed to get some fishes herself! The crew made up of first timers to Ah Ho's style were caught by surprise when they were told to use sabikis! But they got the hang of it