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Fishing Tips at Singapore's one and only GT (Giant Trevally) Pond also known as Angler's Playground Catch & Release

So I finally made the trip to the famous Singapore GT fishing pond that has been around for years. Due to the pandemic, there's nowhere else to fish so I thought why not. Recently, the pond has had a change of owner and is now renamed to "Angler's Playground Catch & Release". To start off, do note that the pond is catch and release so you can't bring back your catches. To make up for it, the pond houses some huge fish like GTs, Groupers, Barramundi, Mangrove Jack and Golden Snappers. There's a certain way that the owners feed the fish and the tactical feeding means that the fish are extremely healthy but clever as well.  The fishing time is also rather short at 2 hours so while many anglers have gone in with their own way of doing things by bringing assorted poppers, hard bodied lures and so on, the best lures are still good ol' rubber lures.   You must also be wondering "what tackle do I bring?" The good news is that you don't need any h

How to do night fishing at ORTO Fishing Paradise Bottle Tree Park?

Made a few trips to ORTO Fishing Paradise (formerly Bottle Tree Park) during the heightened alert and found it quite relaxing and entertaining especially since "SNA" was involved. I mean who on earth plucks out his rod holder together with his rod when the fishes take the bait.  What's the best bait at Orto? Over the past few trips, we reviewed this and it was quite obvious that the fishes there love live bait. However, if your live bait is lampan, that's a bonus. Size must not be too big or too small and just right. Kinda like Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Some tips at Orto. Hook sizes must be big at minimum 7/0 to be able to properly secure the bait and ensure hook up. Surprise though, we dropped some barramundi aka KBL on rubber lures during the trip. Anyway, I still don't enjoy the fight of the fishes here. What I like is how the fishing is similar to live baiting for toman and sailfish. Opening the bail arm, letting the line go out and closing the bail and