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40lbs Cobia Light Jigging Video

Hi guys, i finally got the video from FS. Here's the video of my 40lbs Cobia on light jigging. Tackle used was a Eupro PE 1-3 jigging rod, Daiwa Caldia Kix 3500 with Powerpro 20lbs braided line. jig used was a smith forcast 60gm. Hook on jig was owner SJ41. Fishing in Malaysia is fun! It's definitely better than fishing in Singapore! Part 1 is a little jerky! Part 2 is very vocal! hahaha!

Temensis Peacock Bass Luring

I did some catching up with the Fengshan and Weiyee today. Weiyee hasn't been fishing much as his wife is expecting. I also got my Cobia video form Fengshan! We trekked to a spot which we knew will sure hold some fish. We brought some chicken liver in case we got tired. We started walking at 4pm and reached only at 430pm... I clipped on a Yozuri Tobimaru and on the first few casts I hit a small Temensis... Too small... fight was over in 5 seconds. Everyone was excited after this and the guys clipped on some lures too. Tackle used: Shimano Bassterra/YGK Casting PE 1.5/Daiwa Tierra 3000 Lures used: Yozuri Tobimaru, River2Sea Mid Dive, Hum bug Very soon Weiyee got a hit on humbug... And i got a hit on a River2sea Mid Dive... Fs was still a zero fighter and changed to chicken liver later... Guess what he got... Some peacock bass too!  Fast retrieve and very fast twitching/ripping was the way to go. The water was clear and we could see the fish hit so it was fun! End of the day

Daiwa Bala Jigs / Asari Invader Jigs

Many people have been asking me about the jig i used in my recent Pekan trip. Here's some heads up on the jig that i used. The jig i was using was a copy of the Daiwa Bala jig. The advantage of the Daiwa Bala jig is that there are many types of actions you can work with. Also, the design means that if the hooks and rubber octopus get snagged onto corals and the kevlar gives way, you still get back the jig. Here's a picture on the Daiwa Bala Jig by Daiwa... * Three anchor points deliver triple the action * Tie to the nose anchor point for slow retrieves * Use the tail anchor point for fast, deep-diving runs * Use ventral Anchor Point 2 for short, jerking action I am using a Asari Invader jig which copies the Bala jigs design. But the only problem is that the action of cutting of the jig is not similar... But it still works! And the best thing is they're available from 20g to 150g unlike the Bala jig which only has 80g and a

Pole Fishing For Patin at Geylang Badminton Hall Prawn Fishing

Some friends and me heard about this new pole fishing for fishes thing at the Geylang Badminton Hall... Usually they have prawn and crab fishing. They have facilities for you to BBQ your prawn and crabs. Usually the rate is 3hrs for $30 but on some week nights it's 4 hrs $30. On weekend, they release colour tag prawns. Here's how to get there.... It's just behind "Fatty Weng" restaurant. 100 Guillemard Road #01-13 Former Singapore Badminton Hall Singapore 399718 A long time back i actually thought of this idea of releasing fishes into a pond and people can use prawn rods to get them. My first idea was to use small kims(seabass) as it's yummy, cheap and easy to keep. Well, this place has finally done the idea... kudos to them... but instead of using kbl, they use small Patins around the 1 - 2lbs size. It's $5 per rod and you get to fish for a few hours. They have a stipulated

Pekan Fishing and Jigging at Jubilee Reef AKA Karang Laus

We went for the Ebeks again on the first day. They were just a 30 mins ride away so we had a good early started. Captain Ricky said yesterday they landed close to 10pcs with 20 over lost fish so we were very excited. A few hours proved to be fruitless with Ceelee landing 1pc of Ebek with his crippled herring jig on slow vertical jig while everyone was trying fast retrieves on the cast outs. Water was very dirty with freshwater runoffs very visible with brown foam on the water surface. We moved on and went for the parrot fishes with crabs and live prawns but the big one’s weren’t feeding even after we sacrificed a few sinkers and jigs. Tired... We trolled a few hours but it was very slow and we missed a few pcs with multiple teeth marks on Ceelee’s Rapala Magnum. We then settled down and tried live baiting and after along while we finally had some silver. Ceelee got a good hookup on a huge tengirri but the fish made a strong last run to the right and the 49strands 30lbs wire got fr

Giant Grouper Caught At Ah Fatt Kelong at Sibu

Amazing catch from Sibu Kelong... Wonder what bait he used? Funny thing is that the grouper was kinda "dumb" and didn't try to run into the stakes or structures. Well, that's fishing i guess. I'll be heading to Pekan again tomorrow night. Let's see what the trip holds. We'll be doing popping/jigging for 1 day at Nail Island(tie ding dao) and bottom baiting/jigging for parrots and ebeks on another day. Let's hope the boat does not break down again!