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Tanjung Pinang Fishing Tackle Try Out

Date: 10 Aug 2008 Boat: Ah Long Changi Too tired to write. Heavy rain and strong winds spoilt an otherwise enjoyable day. We went home early as we ran out of prawns. At least I managed to give my TP Tackle a run out today... Got myself a beautiful red snapper! Got myself a beautiful red snapper! Sim's dad got himself a good sized grunter! Total harvest was decent

Grouper Fishing at Changi with Ah Chong

Date: 27 July 2008 Boat: Ah Chong Changi Was abit worried in the morning as it was drizzling but it all cleared up and we started doing our usual lines down.  Grouper, big kaci and ang chor all by her...I only got a table sized gao in the morning...haiz.... But action was quite consistent at the first spot... Double hook ups were common. The action faded in the noon... But then again... in the afternoon after ah soon's wonder call, the feeding frenzy started and it was lo jiak lo jiak for awhile with me and unagi landing guhoots. That lucky unagi fellow landed two big gaos some more and everyone just look at him... Of course how to leave out ah ger and her tiger grouper ah... Towards the end i managed to get one almost a kg gao and that wraps up the day! A good day with table sized gaos landed. Oh ya forgot to mention...we saw an eagle ray approx 10kg leap out of the water just in front of us! It made a big splash and made the angler in front of the commotion stunned..we w

Big Grouper at Changi Offshore Fishing with Ah Chong

13 July 2008 Ah Chong's Boat Berry funny build up to the trip...Why leh? Due to sad sad roger who cant go TP. The build up to the trip was funny as AC can't go for the trip and he had to opt out. Then a few days before the trip, roger couldnt go TP with the guys as his leave was cancelled! Therefore...AC took his place! FUnny thing is that roger came with us instead! Too itchy so bo bian... Also managed to poison another new kaki mondo to come and get poisoned together. Hehehe... On first look, current should be very slack and easy going but strong winds today blowing up the water making it very murky but the sun was shining strongly and when we all let down our sinkers... Eh... Size 3 or 4 can liao..Hmmm... Seems like the wind is in our favour and pushing against the boat... If the wind was from the other side, sure layang liao lor... Boatman was first to up the first and second fish... A small AC and small Guhoot. By now we were shouting KELONG! Then Weiyee's r

Changi Offshore with Ah Long 19 May 2008

Date: 19 May 2008 Boat: Ah Long Changi After alot of rushing and sms-ing, finally mananaged to get 6 pax for today's trip if not chor ah! Met Boss Long @ 740am and chiong out liao. According to boss long, the fellas the previous day lost many ang kueys because they didn't fish properly. He said today maybe still have... Wah fingers itchy liao... ANG KUEY KOON! After what seemed like ages, reached the first spot and lines down. Almost instantly i feel a nibble... Nibble nibble nibble then rod bent and lines going out.. OMG! Fought the fish on ultra light drag(havent set lah...How i know first cast kena) and it was pretty SHIIOOK! Up came a sizeable bright red ang kuey around 800g. Boss Long was the first to get excited but in the excitement, forgot to drop anchor..We drifted around but no more Ang Kuey koon! A Nice Red Chicken! Then boss long went back to original spot and parked... He pull his anchor and try to make a figure 8 formation around the spot... Finally, dio

Changi Fishing with Ah Fong

Date: 26 April 2008 Boat: Ah Fong's Changi Boat Vin is bringing his new friend today to poison her into fishing... We all wondering what will happen.  By some strange miracle, all of us were early today and we started to board the boat around 745am. First thing Ah Fong ask me is "Want to go 40m spot?". Without thinking, of course I said yes lah... Normally, my preferred boatman Ah Chong cannot really go so far out because his engine not powerful enough... But with Ah Pong's good boat, it will be no sweat to hit out so far. Not alot of boatman will want to hit so far too...  Must impress today if not stress... I was pretty excited because 40m spot is a well known spot for biggies. In the past, i have been brought down to earth many times at that spot and what the hell... Thinking that it was just the usual Changi shit, i brought only my light tackle(size 3 wt max)... But have to make do lah.... What to do... All my pattern come out but today seems that i have n

Fishing with Ah Fong

Date: 12 April 2008 Boat: Ah Fong Changi Legendary Ah Fong After looking at Nimo's Cherminastic CR, I was feeling pretty excited about visiting Ah Pong's boat for an offshore but okay lah not everyday Sunday but still enjoyed myself and chatted alot with Mr Pong. My Brother and his friend came fishing today Live Prawns We Use The weather was crazy today. When we started fishing, it was blazing hot. It was hard to fish at HCL... All the big ship moving around and very hard to fish cuz must upz line so much. No suprise here...No fish landed at HCL. Water was very calm at HCL area...Almost like a lagoon. I saw a few queenies jumping too. Calm Calm After that big big thunderstorm+wind force us to move inside Tie Pai. Inside Tie Pai worse... The winds forced alot of dirty muddy water inside and blew the mud from the bottom everywhere! We were like fishing in Teh Tarik water. Teh Tarik water? Got fish bo? But somehow we managed Two Ang Chor... After that caught one h

Threadfin Salmon Changi Offshore with Ah Long

29 March 2008 Ah Long Changi Boat Today was a very heng heng trip as Kaix could not make it for the trip and i snapped it up. Activated the usual kakis but some unable to make it... But some could and joining us first time were DesT, Madfish, Nimo and Nimo JR! They added a whole new dimension to Changi Offshore! Fishing with long rods and floats for Queens/Todaks and Nimo actually hit one. Off to fishing! Small nibbles filled the first part of the day but when we drifted near this breakwater dropoff, all of a sudden, feeding frenzy 0.0 . Almost everyone were getting bites. Vinyeo landed a Deep Sea Kim... After that Ah Long Strike a fish nibbling at his prawn... He thought it was a small fish but when fight halfway suddenly chut suah one 0.0. He ask me dive down to get his net...bahahaha... So I netted it up for him after kan chiong moments! Walao damn big Parrotfish for Changi size. I landed a smally grouper too! Ah Long snares a good size parrot fish Then Nimo JR aka Mr Richard


Date: 21 March 2008 Boat: Ah Chong I had a bad trip on 18 March so i was determined to make up for the bad catch that day. Today i asked Ah Chong where we were going to fish. He say we are going Tie Pai to catch Chermin. I doubt whether have Chermin there but anyway just go lah might never know. He said yesterday 4 Chermin landed there so okay lah better trush Ah Chong he always kelong one. Reached spot after SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LONG and started dropping lines. A few small fishes were landed. Ang Kuey and Kaci was landed too. After that Ah Chong did the most kelong thing today! His leader line wrapped around a Grouper neck and the hook embedded itself onto the Groupers head! The grouper came up with no horse run @ almost 1kg size. After that Ah Chong was saying how my ang kuey and small fishes cant beat his one catch. I almost came close to winning back my bragging rights a moment later. Ah Chong told us to up line but i had just put down my line. So i stop and reel in when sangoat!

Fresh Sashimi!

This is what we do when we want FRESH SASHIMI. Squids were caught by eging at Punggol End Jetty using yamashita squid jigs. Yum.

Eging Catch Report at Punggol End Jetty

Eging has always been a passion of mine which stemmed back to Secondary 4. Back then, there were no forums so i learnt eging the hard way. I dropped many squids and couldn't hook them up and i always went back empty handed while the ah laos had lots of catches. Now i see myself slowly overtaking those ah laos and finally i can call my own shots during eging. Basically, Eging is catching squid using plastic/cloth squid jigs. These squid jgis are fake prawns and we anglers work them in a way such that squids think they are real ones. The squids then grab the jigs but then find themselves stuck as the jig has hooks! Interesting eh! Here are some catches over a few trips... I'll update the next time i go Eging...