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Barramundi Fishing with Jeff on Prince of Peace

Few hours of casting. All fish are not wasted. "Very long never go fishing leh... heightened alert coming, cannot fish already" followed by "Come let's go!" When you have such fishing kakis like Jeff, a short few hours fishing getaway is always possible. We picked up some prawns and drinks for sharing and we were good to go. Casting live prawns for barramundi (seabass, KBL, siakap) with Jeff was always interesting and has always intrigued me. The rig was just a simple leader line and a 2/0 or 1/0 hook with no split shot. Similar to what you would do at the fishing ponds, you would cast out your bait and spin it back. Except that there were alot more rocks here and the fish could be a lot more bigger. The spots that we are fishing for our target barramundi are shallow beachfronts with rocks and debris. The average depth was around 2 to 3 meters and the bigger fish would hang about the shallows, waiting to ambush baitfish.  The night started "fast" like

Fishing trip with Fish Stalker Fishing Charters in September 2021

Super lukewarm CR. The groupers are pretty good sized though. They say not every fishing trip will be good. Some result in "ice cream" which is a famous saying among the locals here that has the same meaning as a bad trip. It won't be accurate to blog just about awesome trips so here I am with this catch report... I learned that... Strange regional weather does affect the catch. It might be due to pressure build ups. Sometimes, fish bite harder during the days when there is no current. Drift fishing can be terrible without wind and current. But I also... Discovered the wonderful taste and eating qualities of the red emperor fish (again!) Was able to fish with "Tenya" the whole day (since Fish Stalker has an ongoing Tenya fishing competition) Oh well, to cut things short... The bite rate was lukewarm in the morning on the up current and we expected it to pick up during the down going in the afternoon but never materialised... nevertheless, we had fun as with all

Meaty Indonesian Mud Crabs from B&B Fishery Services

Meaty Indonesian Mud Crabs! My thoughts on Sri Lanka Mud Crab vs Indonesia Mud Crab To be honest, most folks in Singapore don't really choose mud crabs down to the exact breed and location. Most of us just go to restaurants and order the crabs, bearing in mind the usual market rate. However, this is not always recommended as there are so many kinds of crab available in the market. For example, crabs from Indonesia, Sri Lanka (or India), Vietnam, Philippines and so on. The grades do differ and when you are going to buy your own to cook, you might want to take note. There are quite a number of resources online and nothing Google can't solve! The way of tying and the material used (vine, rattan, raffia) are tell tale signs of where the crab is from. Sri Lanka crabs tend to have the vine kind of material. Look at the tying material. This usually gives hints to where the crab is from. I actually love the Indonesian mud crabs! They are cheap, mostly meaty and of good quality perhaps

Large Flower Crabs and Mussels from Great Harvest Fisheries

Give me a choice and I will pick good flower crabs over mud crabs any day. Flower crabs are easy to eat (you can use your hands or teeth to crack the shell), super sweet and if you get solid ones, they can be meaty! But of course, I'm also spoilt by being a seafood enthusiast and I only eat big flower crabs... Seafood boil! Ingredients were beer, chinese wine, garlic and ginger Ordered some from Great Harvest Fisheries at decent prices ($25/kg for large, $20/kg for medium) and wasn't disappointed as the crabs were meaty and fresh (they were alive lol). Live flower crabs rarely have issues and I had them as a seafood boil with other shellfish such as mussels, gong gong and clams. Really hassle free and quick way to prepare seafood. The large crabs were around 250g to 350g and although they weren't the biggest I've eaten, I was still happy :) The large ones were 250g to 300g Crab seafood boil Their mussels were also good. I was quite concerned as local green mussels usual

Lorong Halus Jetty Fishing Spot in Singapore

Fishing in Singapore has gotten tough over the years. Dwindling fish stocks, lack of fishing spots and the pandemic has made it worse. I do think that because international travel is so restricted now, the local fishing scene is actually quite intense. There are so many fishing boats out fishing in local waters now since we can't travel. So... here's a fishing spot which I accidentally found the other day while collecting some flower crabs from Great Harvest Fisheries . The spot which is off Lorong Halus used to be very inaccessible without proper roads but is rather accessible now with parking available. The fishing spot is no secret. In fact, it is quite open and with Google Maps, it's really easy to access. Do note that the jetty itself is private property and you can't fish there. However, you can fish at the sides. There is ample space and it's not that crowded as well. For information, the spot is right next to the "Commando Camp / Pasir Ris Camp" an