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Tioman Dive Trip and Some Jigging!

It has always been my dream to do both diving and fishing. It has been something I have been able to do recently ever since I took the plunge to that blue world below the surface. Never in my wildest dreams I dared to contemplate being able to afford the blue world below. The closest I got to that world was probably on the TV... but as I started to get more financially stable, dreams still pull you back to the beginning. And they say as long as you have a wild dream, it will never escape you and you had to have it no matter what. Imagine the feeling of doing both together in the same trip. Well, I did that... and convinced myself that fishing and diving compliments each other. That very mutual feeling when you see a coral trout slouching at the bottom of the seabed or resting above some fern coral. You can picture the very technique to get the fish on jig because you know it's like that. That humble sense of belonging when you see a school of Jacks above you who amazingly are st