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Prawning for Yabbies at Orto, Bottle Tree Park

"It just isn't productive anymore" I came from an era where prawning produces very large prawns and each person would get around 30-50 prawns for every 3 hours of prawning even though they may be beginners at prawning. The prawning costs are usually 3hrs - $30 and it was a whole lot of fun. After some sporadic prawning trips to Jurong Haibin and Orto, Bottle Tree Park, I somehow feel that prawning isn't productive anymore and the trend seems to be dying off. So if you were into prawning last time and going to visit a prawning pond soon, do lower your expectations. Orto - Bottle Tree Park   Orto at Bottle Tree Park came across as a very experienced prawning operations setup in the ever popular Bottle Tree Park at Khatib. Bottle Tree Park is also where Fishing Paradise is operating. At first glance, you could see space maximization, efficient operation setup and impressive use of technology to ease operations. Rods were tagged using bar codes, there was NE

11 reasons to go fishing with Jimmy Lim!

I seriously miss fishing with Jimmy but it's open season and that usually mean's we're fishing further out from Singapore. Most anglers in Singapore would be fishing in Malaysia fishing areas like Rompin or Pekan. As I look through my fishing photos with Jimmy, I realize what a guy he has been and what a joy it is fishing with him. Here's 11 reasons why you should go fishing with Jimmy. Go ahead, give him a call. 1. He is not a charter captain or a boatman. He is a friend. We all know that insensitive, uncaring and boring boatman that merely drives the boat and brings us out fishing. At the end of the trip, we no longer keep in touch and we forget about each other unless we have to go fishing. Jimmy isn't like that. We meet up for supper on other days, we talk about life during our fishing trips and age is no problem (I'm 26 and he's 60 but we still have fun). 2. Most multi-talented charter captain in Singapore Jimmy is no stranger to a varie

Top 10 Common Fishes to Catch and Eat

Every angler and fisherman in Singapore has a favourite fish to catch and eat. Here's 10 of the most common fishes you can catch in Singapore and general information on how to eat them. Tips are general and according to the best practices here. Tastes can differ. e.g. Some of us thinks its atrocious to make curry fish out of a nice coral trout. 1. Snappers Snappers are just about the most common fish in Singapore that you can find. The most common fish in Singapore is the Golden Snapper or Ang Chor but other snappers such as Red Snapper, John's Snapper are also in the mix. Snappers are generally a one fish cooks all type of fish. Larger snappers such as the Ang Kuey are used in curry fish head while the table sized ones are steamed. One can even make fish and chips out of large snappers! Versatility 10/10. 2. Tengerri Batang or more generally known as Mackeral The mackerals in our water are usually good for fish soup and any good old aunty will tell you how delic