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Why Nigel Likes Fishing

I know I know, my blog is inactive! But work takes precedence and until anyone sponsors me to be a full time blogger, priority takes place. But here's a little piece that I wrote for the purpose of a writing test for my job interview. Hope it resonates with some of you because it sure means a great deal to me! My interest in fishing started at a tender age of 5 when father brought me on a fishing trip to Bedok Jetty. The two of us didn’t have any fancy fishing gear but we made do with our hand line spools. As our trips became more regular and I got increasingly intrigued in the hobby, father invested in some fishing gear for me. It was a dream come true for me as I now had my very own fishing gear and yet father would still use the old hand line spools. However, our happy fishing times didn’t last forever as father became increasingly busy at work. I recalled intentionally waking up early on many a weekend as I would catch father before he went to work. I would go up to him,