Lorong Halus Jetty Fishing Spot in Singapore

Fishing in Singapore has gotten tough over the years. Dwindling fish stocks, lack of fishing spots and the pandemic has made it worse. I do think that because international travel is so restricted now, the local fishing scene is actually quite intense. There are so many fishing boats out fishing in local waters now since we can't travel.

So... here's a fishing spot which I accidentally found the other day while collecting some flower crabs from Great Harvest Fisheries. The spot which is off Lorong Halus used to be very inaccessible without proper roads but is rather accessible now with parking available. The fishing spot is no secret. In fact, it is quite open and with Google Maps, it's really easy to access.

Do note that the jetty itself is private property and you can't fish there. However, you can fish at the sides. There is ample space and it's not that crowded as well. For information, the spot is right next to the "Commando Camp / Pasir Ris Camp" and Serangoon Dam / Coney Island. It is actually fairly near to Pasir Ris Farmway 3 and Eds Pro Pond.

Some pictures of how you can access the spot and some folks fishing there:

On the right side of the Lorong Halus Jetty, some folks were fishing! Looks like a decent spot to fish although it seems pretty shallow.

Do note you can't fish from here but I thought this was interesting since you can cast to this area from the legal area on the left.

The legal area is behind the fence. No fishing on the jetty.

You should be able to see this drain entrance from the carpark or main road right outside the jetty gate. Follow it and you can get to the water line.

Follow the fence

The drain looks like a good place to hunt barramundi at night!

Some uncles fishing there already

There is also a whole lot of space and breakers on the left

Rumour has it that there are numerous barramundi, grouper and mangrove jacks being landed there. Go and try your luck. Would recommend spinning live prawns or doing some light surf fishing with cut baits.

How to get to the fishing spot:

Address: Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 6

Follow this Google Map. You can grab or park there.


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