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Update 2016: Nigel seldom updates his blog these days but he invites you to connect with him at his Facebook page. Nigel is also an ardent fan and believer of Jesus. If you're in Singapore, he invites you to join him at The People's Church at LHK3 Building. You can get to the People's Church by following this Google Maps.

Nigel is a self proclaimed successful amateur angler from Singapore and created Baktao Heaven in 2008 to share his thoughts, adventures, fishing tips during his often wacky fishing trips in Singapore. He also does his fishing around the region such as Malaysia, Indonesia and around the world! He enjoys saltwater/freshwater luring, eging, jigging and even old school baiting! These trips can range from offshore to inshore casting and even bashing the humid forests of Singapore!

While he realises the world of fishing presents a forever changing environment and new techniques are always being discovered, he does acknowledge that he is sometimes quite biased in fishing fishing techniques/views. But then again, these fews have often meant Nigel is a succesfull angler and rarely fails in his fishing endeavors. Heck, if it weren't for these biased views and his passion, Nigel's blog wouldn't make it till this very present day!

Passion and being humble is the key element in Nigel's posts and sharing. If you know something, you should share it and if you suck at something, swallow your ego and learn it. This passion in fishing and life has led Baktao Heaven to grow from strength to strength since 2008. Over the course of this time, Nigel has turned down various lucrative advertising offers to keep his blog free of third party fishing advertisements that will cloud the very heart and soul of the blog that Nigel hopes to maintain. By keeping Baktao Heaven free of these advertisements, Nigel is able to tactfully advise anglers on current tackle trends, exciting products in the market.

Nigel with an awesome Cuttlefish or Baktao

On Spots
There are very little fishing spots in Singapore and we are confined to our man made legal freshwater fishing catchment areas, the already over fished beaches/jetty/piers and our fishing pay ponds. I try my best to stay out of ponds and do most of my fishing in the great outdoors or on boat!

For our freshwater fishes, we have great fishes like Peacock Bass, Temensis, Snakeheads(Tomans and Haruans), Featherbacks, Freshwater Tarpon, Arowanas and other species. All these revolve around our catchment areas that we have right here.

For saltwater fishing, most of our fishing is confined to shore fishing for grouper, barramundis, barracudas and other reef/estruary/pelagic species. Sadly, there are not many pelagic species we have left and even during offshore, most of our species are confined to the reef species like Snappers and Groupers (Cod).

I often venture overseas to places near me to search for the bigger prey. Looks like the locations are getting further and further!

On Tackle Advise
Nigel also proclaims himself to be an unofficial expert in hunting down cheap but good fishing tackle. While he acknowledges that real quality tackle comes at a price that could blow your pocket - this applies to JDM Reels and Technology, Nigel thinks that there are certain items in the market that are cheap but effective and that you don't need to "Pay for The Brand".

Otherwise, Nigel is pretty satisfied with his JDM Daiwa Hyper Custom Certate 2500 and matching rods that have served him well for his adventures.

Nigel started fishing in Primary School with the influence of his dad who brought him to places like Bedok Jetty. Ironically, now Nigel also fishes with his dad... Just that it's Nigel that brings his dad fishing now! That's so god damn beautiful.
Overseas Visitors
Nigel gets alot of overseas enquiries and doesn't have time to reply many mails. If you are a foreigner and coming down to Singapore for some fishing or tackle hunting, don't hesitate to drop Nigel a mail. If you don't hear from him, drop him another until he finally notices! Nigel can't promise the world when he brings you around, but he will try his best to help humble, easy going fishing folk. Talk fishing - that's the only common language that Nigel needs!

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