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10 tested and proven food items to go with your Lotus Grill!

Well firstly, I have to make some declarations. This entry is neither a fishing post nor it is a sponsored post (but Lotus Grill, if you’re reading this, I really wouldn’t mind free charcoal). What I have written is really just an honest tip on having a simple indoor smokeless barbeque (BBQ) in your HDB flat in Singapore. And yes, it really is smokeless and it's not a gimmick to get you to buy. There is some complicated science theory on why it is smokeless but I simply attribute it to the type of charcoal and the way the grill is designed (oil/food doesn't drip onto the charcoal). I am talking about the Lotus Grill and if you are thinking to get it, I’d always suggest getting only the original product - You can get it at Tangs or Robisons. Why? I know there are lots of made in China imitations but why would you want to take a risk with something that could potentially burn down your house or your branded bags? Ok so once you buy the grill and read all the instructions, yo

3 Quick thoughts on the Social Credit Rating System (from Singapore)

I thought that it was rather bold of China to launch a Social Credit System to rate its citizens. The idea, although a simple one does contain many cans of worms but yet I tend to be an optimist so I was rather thrilled at the applications. The article mentions that the system will affect people in these ways: Slower internet speeds Restricted access to restaurants, nightclubs or golf courses Removal of the right to travel freely abroad Low scores can influence rental and loan applications, employment opportunities especially in the civil service, journalism and legal fields. Restrictions to enrolling themselves or children in high-paying private schools This list is most likely not exhaustive. China's people have already proven itself competent when it comes to creativity and problem solving (enter WeChat, Alibaba and so on) so I'm pretty sure they will have more applications up their sleeves. I mean, just look at the list of five things up there and tell me