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Where to go fishing in Singapore?

It's no fishing for some time now for me... I'm too caught up with work and studies that time often does not present itself to me. Whatever time I can squeeze out is used for sleeping... Well, i spent my weekend cleaning up my computer and putting photos into new folders etc. I found a few old photos that kept me thinking when i could go back to fishing at these kinda places again. For anglers, the wild pristine fishing spots are the ones which really keeps us on our toes whenever we make a cast. The air around such places is different and this is especially true if you're fishing alone. All anglers know that such spots do not last forever... Be it over fishing, land reclamation or even the clearing out of the forests. It's just a matter of time before a great spot which takes years of building up, just perishes like that. I had censored such photos then while i posted my CRs but I deem the spots dead now so I'll release some for memories sake... Most are from

Amazing Catch On Lure

I went with a short mid night trip with Weiyee yesterday. The 7 month did not keep us from bashing to a number of spots although it was pitch dark and with many trees. We settled at one of the spot where the water was super calm but it was a little shallow but we'll try our luck anyway. It seems that when the Lions have woken up for their sexy time that the fishes woke up too. Weiyee caught two fish on 2 cast. He caught a beautiful 1-1.5lbs Toman with coloration that resembled a Budjuk but a better way to describe the coloration was the Rapala Skitter Pop green patchy colour... No pics were taken of the Toman... On another cast, he landed this! This little fella grabbed the lure! It was an amazing outing although i caught nothing and well he caught only two small fishes... All fishes were released... It's a lazy weekend for fishing...

Fishing Noodle Rod For Marine Catfish (Duri) at Serangoon Reservoir

I went for some noodle rod exercise with my uncles and his million friends last weekend. I've always wanted to test my Silstar Teal noodle rod against the catfishes at the spot and so I brought along prawn meat to cast out and some live prawns for another rod... It was a long walk in and I could see it's just a matter of time before the spot is closed. Although the bangla workers there are very friendly... We can only go in to fish there because they are friendly! If they are not friendly, they have all the right to chase us out of there. Anyway, we arrived just when the tide is starting to rise. It's an excellent time for fishing as the water is calm, water column is low and you can see big fishes when they expose themselves. We saw a few great rushes at bait fishes by Barras and what I suspect were Giant Herrings. My uncle friend got a hit as soon as he lowered his live prawn into the water! The fight was over in less than 20 seconds and I helped him pull in the fis

Fishing at Serangoon Reservoir Dam Lorong Halus

I finally met up with Punggol Boy also known as Andy for a trip last weekend. It was a tiring weekend for me as I was at auntie pond the previous day. I called Weiyee along and we went early to get live prawns and meet up with Andy and even IBR at the spot. It was pretty quiet but we can see that the dam has made the place like a sort of washing machine. The fish will keep swimming around in circles and cannot get out... That's why it's so productive.. There were lots of by catch... but the best catch of the day was by ibr... He had a 11lbs barramundi on live prawns... The strangest catch was a squid on lure by me and an octopus by SH...... I had zero catch on my noodle rod though... Will be visiting the place with my noodle rod again before it closes... Pictures...

Auntie Fishing Pond Private Booking Session

This trip was planned way in advance by Alan Chan. It's a great idea and I hopped on the train immediately as I haven't been fishing in any saltwater pay pond for almost 1 year plus already. If you fish pay ponds often, fishing at such ponds would be routine for such people but since our group of friends that are going today (Roger, Momok, AG etc...) don't really do pay-ponds, I guess we had some new experiences. But what can be certain is that it's damn exciting holding onto your rod when it's fish release timing... Getting all excited... A fish? My first impression of the pond was that it was pretty compact and small but I found out that it was quite a "complete" pond because there were suitable areas for luring/baiting. This is good as there will not be many entangled lines this way. Since we are booking the whole pond, almost everyone knew each other so it was more relaxing than the usual public pay ponds where its hustle and bustle and all about

Freshwater Luring with Spinfly

After a brief visit to the Ang Mo spot last week with Weiyee, me and Momok got all fired up about going back again to visit the Peacock Bass there. Last week was bad as the water condition was very dirty and reminded me of Milk Tea. It seemed like last week's condition was better because today's condition was like caramel sauce! The water had a pungent smell to it and it was so muddy that the once "Amazon" River had become Nee Soon drain! Nevertheless, we continued on and did not stop to fish at the Peacock holes... We proceeded straight to the Ang Mo spot knowing that such water might permit the huge Tomans to feed more actively. We loved the Ang Mo spot because it was just too pristine and untouched. We could hear the birds and monkeys call... no rumble of urban life here... Momok had a baby landed almost instantly... it was a pretty fat one... But...After casting for around 1 hr... we had no more fish and were wondering what was wrong. Could it be that the wa