Saturday, October 18, 2008

3 Muskateers

19 May 2008
Ah Long's Boat

After alot of rushing and sms-ing, finally mananaged to get 6 pax for today's trip if not chor ah! Met Boss Long @ 740am and chiong out liao. According to boss long, the fellas the previous day lost many ang kueys because they didnt fish properly. He said today maybe still have... Wah fingers itchy liao... ANG KUEY KOON!

After what seemed like ages, reached the first spot and lines down. Almost instantly i feel a nibble... Nibble nibble nibble then rod bent and lines going out.. OMG! Fought the fish on ultra light drag(havent set lah...How i know first cast kena) and it was pretty SHIIOOK! Up came a sizeable bright red ang kuey around 800g. Boss Long was the first to get excited but in the excitement, forgot to drop anchor..We drifted around but no more Ang Kuey koon!

A Nice Chicken!

Then boss long went back to original spot and parked... He pull his anchor and try to make a figure 8 formation around the spot... Finally, dio liao lah! Ang kuey again... This time we stay at the spot liao... But nothing leh... Boss long then tied a live ang kuey to the line and let it down..Saying it will attract the AKs to come...

Tying the ang kuey and let it sink down to the seabed

BUT BUT BUT! Who knows moments later... A grouper was landed ! How come AK attract grouper one! After that another ang kuey landed and all was quiet...

This time we proceeded to do some drift fishing but nothing good landed...

At noon, it was time to hunt Chermin at the Chermin spot... Lines down and almost instantly a friend hooked up a nice fish and fought it up.. CHERMIN! Wah at this point i thought ho seh liao... But hor...No more fish leh... Only later Boss Long brought up a good size guhood then all of us started fishing properly. Boss long even brought up a chow xi! At this point, alot of small nibbles and we were suspecting that they were chow xi... So i took up a spare rod, attach a tamban hook and put some prawn meat on it... cast it out...

Wahlao the moment i chuck my rod into rodstand, goalkeeper...The fish pulled and auto hooked itself... Rod bending and reel screaming...When i got the rod out of the holder, loose line! Reeled back to find the tamban hook bent! The fish got away! Suspected big chowxi or jio lor...

Have no fear, baited up and cast out again...Put the rod down and counted... 1,2,3...6... Nibble nibble and rod bent! This time, used very very little drag and fought the fish up.....Around 500g chowxi on light tackle..Hahaha...Pretty enjoyable... At the same moment, my parked rod went down and reel screamed! took my rod and got to fight the fish... Everyone was saying its a Chermin but when it came up its a big chowxi! Looks like a chowxi school below us....

The next moment, Vin also got his Chowxi and it was quite a nice fight... Baited up my tamban jig and casted out...But seems like no more chowxi..Got a jio lor... and after that was DURI FEVER!

BUT i must admit fighting duris on tamban jig is pretty good...Those duris can run(with light drag applied. Hahaha)

Last part of the trip ended with a very funny episode...friend hooked onto a fish with tamban jig and he suspected it was ah fought it up .. But when it came up.. Ang kuey! Good size around 600g...but when bringing it up, it dropped! Hahahahaha!

Overall it was a fun day with many almosts. Well i guess no silver carpet but a few chowxis is still better than nothing right.



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