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Fishing with Dr Tan Kuanyang and Chef Jonathan Tan

Jimmy (or Mimi) Lim's charter "IT'S Gr-R-Reat" has became my choice charters for Changi waters recently. Maybe it's because I'm biased or I just love to laugh too much but trips with him often tickle the soul. Countless stories are exchanged between the kakis and even if we heard them before, we still listen to them! Jimmy is a sincere charter captain (better not call him Boatman later he bring me catch ah seng) and this trip was no different as he extended his hospitality to KY and Chef. KY was a fisho that I known through my blog, we exchanged texts/Emails and finally got to meet each other on a Jimmy trip. Chef Jonathan was a long time friend but we did not have chance to fish because of his busy schedule. This is the beauty of fishing trips these days for me... It's a place you get to know people and to catch up with people... The three neon gays! With caps! The earlier part of the day was spent at Changi Naval Base waters and the fishing w

Kayak Fishing Off Pasir Ris Beach

Oh goody! The boy in me could finally try out real kayak fishing in Singapore as a friend kindly agreed to let me have a try out in his Kayak! Kayak fishing is consistently picking up pace in Singapore and so far, the authorities look to be very relaxed and supportive of the small community of Kayak fishing anglers in Singapore. I hopped into my friend's native watercraft Kayak at Pasir Ris beach as Boatman Shawn (who also bought his own kayak) led me out on a special experience. As we "launched" (a term used for getting our kayaks into the water from the beach) from the beach, we saw other kayakers taking to the water - some of which are stored at Pasir Ris beach watercross itself. Great to see local businesses support the community! Now, the term "launch" may seem a little heavy but I can assure you, it is no mean feat to "launch"... well except my friend lent me his kayak wheels too and off we go! There's nothing like Kayak fishing is there

Lower Seletar Fishing Area (Legal) and Nee Soon Longkang (NSLK) Walkabout

How long does it take for a reservoir fishing spot to recover? This question is often pondered upon by many avid anglers. Surely the slow but steady education amongst the fishing community can finally bear some much needed fruits? Surely all that talk with PUB about fishing licenses, bag limits and opening up more legal fishing areas in Singapore will bear some fruits? The answer is that we are still far from our ideal fishing situation in Singapore when it comes to freshwater legal areas. There simply isn't any hard and fast solution to our waters simply because it is unique. Our catchment areas are made up of both legal (public) areas, military areas and park areas. That's a whole lot of users and stakeholders! The water is deep and water levels are also seasonal. The most damning statistic however is that many of our fishes aren't native and are introduced. The Peacock Bass, Temensis and Snakehead are all introduced. Combine those fishes with our artificial catchment

Ah Seng Durian at Ghim Moh Market

Here's another non fishing related post which has got to do with the Durian! Having picked kampong durians occasionally for the past few weeks, I was itching for the "real thing" such as Mao Shan Wang, D24, XO, Red Prawn... Premium quality durians always wins kampong durians hands down! It was then that I stumbled upon the famous Ah Seng Durian at Ghim Moh Market. I browsed through their Facebook account and found the information both useful and interesting. The fact that they put up the information shows the sincerity they have to ensure their customers get their money's worth of Durian! So I wasted no time and at around midnight, placed my reservations through Facebook (for collection the next day)! The one and only Ah Seng Durian! I took the public transport armed with ziplocks, airtight containers and even a soap bar the next day! When I finally reached the shop, I was amazed with the crowd there to collect their reserved durians. In fact, walk in custome