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Changi Offshore Fishing with Dad 2020: GRATEFUL

Offshore Fishing in Changi has sort of seen a revival in recent times and it isn't entirely due to fish stocks recovering. Released fishes due to religious groups and escapees from extensive fish farming have led to snapper and grouper populations being elevated. There is some recovery though and we have seen migrating fish such as some Threadfin Salmon, Cobia, Jewfish returning to Changi waters. These kinda fishes were non existent in the early 2000s when Changi was still recovering from land reclamation. It's weird but it's fairly certain that the current fishing fun we are having at Changi is mostly man made. If we just relied on wild fish, we wouldn't have much to show for! Anyway, fishing with Dad is getting rarer these days and I'm very grateful to be able to go fishing with him this day. He had all the luck today as he landed three very good sized fishes and out fished me. He even lost one very huge fish and all this while insisting that he use a mono line ov